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Assessment Entry- How to Videos

 Join Harriet Forster for a tour of our new dashboard and Assessment Entry for sheep and Cattle



How to get a Faster connection to the auction

 Figure: A red usercode means a slow connection to the auction.

Figure: A green usercode means a fast connection to the auction.

In order to get a better and faster connection to our auction system, your network needs to allow outgoing connections onTCP port 4502. These connections could be blocked by some 3rd party firewalls or security software on your machine or your internet modem. To find out how to allow outgoing connections on this port contact your IT staff. Please email AuctionsPlus for details. 



Simultaneous - Auction Screen Overview

Simultaneous - How to bid in an auction

Adding Limit Bids

Sequential - Auction Screen Overview

Sequential - How to bid in an auction