Assessment Requirements 

AuctionsPlus is looking forward to working with our Assessors in 2018 and continuing to drive accountability and integrity across our industry platform - helping you be the best you can be and continuing to drive the standards in our industry forward. The focus in 2018 is going to be on integrity and assessor empowerment - ensuring that best practice from assessment entry through to buyer practices are promoted and executed. 

We are taking a hard line across the board and people who break the rules will be suspended from using the platform.
It's important that you print off the latest assessment forms (found below) which include all recent updates.

As of the 1st of January 2018, the following requirements will be enforced: 

  • Sample Sizes - minimum 20% or 100 head (whichever is greater)

    Some benefits of larger sample sizes are;

    •  Price Premiums
    •  More accurate representation of the stock
    •  Improved buyer confidence
    •  Allows AuctionsPlus to support you as the assessor in the case of misdescription
    •  Assessor integrity
    •  Less possibility to miss faults, like feet, eyes and udders.
As a guide, 20% of 500 head = 100 head, so;
  • If you assess < 500 head, you need to assess at least 100 head or the whole mob
  • If you assess >500 head, you will need to assess at least 20% 
  • Sheep Health Declarations (SHD) must be attached to ALL sheep assessments

AuctionsPlus requires a Sheep Health Declaration to be attached to all sheep assessments. As a leading industry platform, it is important that all relevant information on stock is provided. We expect our assessors to be diligent in the collection of all essential information of which the sheep health declaration is one.


  • Pregnancy Scanning Certificates must be attached to ALL Cattle and Sheep PTIC or SIL assessments

Assessors will receive 3 warnings and upon the third warning will be either demoted or suspended depending on their accreditation level.

Assessors who receive a fourth warning after the demotion or suspension will have their accreditation suspended for 3 months. Warnings will be issued upon the sales being catalogued.

New Assessment Forms with SHD and Preg Scanning Certificates
Individual Sheep
Individual Cattle