FY2017 Top Assessor Awards 

For FY17, AuctionsPlus offered 436,578 commercial cattle and 2.75 million sheep to the National market, facilitating the exchange of over 730 million dollars’ worth of livestock. They also conducted more than 150 ‘special’ sales which include on-farm stud sales, saleyard sales, machinery sales and fully online seedstock and stud animal sales.

All this would not have been possible without our Accredited Assessors, those who go on farm, objectively measure the stock and list them for sale. When pitching stock to a national market it is critical that online buyers have the confidence and required information to purchase which is why we feel it is important to recognise those at the top.

With over 950 accredited assessors, the awards this year have been given to the top cattle and top sheep assessor in each State based on the following criteria;

• They deliver consistent and quality assessments
• They receive consistently high ratings from buyer feedback
• They have good clearance rates
• They have multiple vendors and list in the top 20 for volume in their state
• They lead by example and work to achieve win-win solutions for all users
• They demonstrate strong leadership around industry challenges, regularly contributing to evolving the AuctionsPlus platform
• They are supportive of up and coming assessors and regularly share their experiences

Congratulations goes to the following people who have shown exceptional leadership and commitment to quality in 2017.

For more information on each of winners, please click the photos.