Delivery Agent Accreditation 

AuctionsPlus is dedicated to ensuring positive transactions for all users of our platform. We have recognised that there are many Livestock Agents that use AuctionsPlus to market stock for their clients, who are not accredited assessors. While these agents have an understanding of how the platform works, they have never had the opportunity to ingrain themselves in the rules and responsibilities of this very important role. 

What's changing

Agents who wish to market stock but are not assessors will need to become Accredited Delivery Agents. This will involve a short online exam covering:

  • Responsibilities of the Delivery Agent: pre-auction and post-auction
  • Rules of negotiating transactions
  • Attending Delivery: what to look for, and requirements if stock are not as per assessment
  • Managing Misdescription claims


The Delivery Agent, rather than the assessor, is typically the key contact for interested buyers, the highest bidder or purchaser, as well as the AuctionsPlus team, when stock are listed for sale. They handle pre-sale inquiries, discuss reserve price setting with their client, manage negotiations, handle transport and payment arrangements, and are the first port of call should anything go wrong.

They are just as critical as the assessor in ensuring a positive outcome for both the buyer and their own client. 

The nominated Delivery Agent will be able to manage all online aspects of the sale of a lot, including setting Reserve prices, accessing Buyer details, reoffering lots, updating results to Sold, and managing lots listed with the Buy Now option.

Key Dates

21st November 2019: Delivery Agent ID may be entered in Assessment Entry (optional)

24th February 2020: Delivery Agent ID will be a requirement for all Assessments

Rules and Responsibilities of the Delivery Agent

Please read the Rules and Responsibilities of the Delivery Agent. We recommend reading this prior to completing the Exam.

Online Exam

Please click here for the Delivery Agent Accreditation Exam


How do I become an Accredited Delivery Agent?

Access the link to the exam above, and once completed with a Pass mark, AuctionsPlus will be in touch to advise your Delivery Agent ID.

Note: the exam requires 100% correct answers to pass. You will be provided feedback as each question is answered, and have the opportunity to go back and answer correctly

I'm am an Accredited Assessor. Do I need to do the Exam?

No. All existing Assessors are automatically accredited as Delivery Agents. Even if you are only Accredited for one species, you will be Accredited as a Delivery Agent for the other species.

I am Assessing for another agent who is not an Assessor. How do I know if they are an Accredited Delivery Agent?

When they engage you to complete the assessment, simply ask them! And ensure that you record their Delivery Agent ID so you can enter it on the Assessment

The Assessor for a lot I'm offering for a client calls me at 11:30am to ask for my Delivery Agent ID, when I tell him I don't have one, he states that he needs to have the assessment complete by 12pm and needs my number. Can he finish the assessment without my Delivery Agent ID?

No. As of February, all lots must have a an ID for the Delivery Agent. The Accreditation process is quick and easy - complete the exam, and if you require your Delivery Agent ID quickly, simply give our office a call and let them know you've completed the exam.