Online Assessor Training Courses

Requirements of Online Schools

  • Attendees must have completed at least 1 parallel prior to attending the school
  • Attendees must complete at least 1 parallel after completing the school
  • I.e. you must have completed at least one parallel before and after attending the school - your other parallels on your application can be completed between these times
  • If completing an online school, you must complete 8 parallel assessments for your Accreditation Application (per species)
  • Parallel assessments are valid on your accreditation application dating back 3 years only
  • Only recorded parallel assessments entered onto the platform will be accepted. Your name must appear on each parallel assessment.
  • Attendance to an Online School is valid for 3 years only on your accreditation application
  • The Online School must be completed in 30 days from the start date
  • Online Assessor Courses cover both species (sheep & cattle) and you must complete all sections, regardless of being accredited for one species already

How does the Online School work?

  1. Complete an Introductory Welcome Session via Zoom. This is a welcome session with AuctionsPlus Staff, and a Training Assessor involved which will run for 1 1/2 hours. We will cover introductions, running schedule, how the school works, any technical concerns etc.
  2. Students then progress at their own pace through the content through Part 1. 
  3. Students then complete a one-on-one 10 minute (minimum) Zoom/Facetime session with AuctionsPlus Staff. In these sessions we will review questions and progress through the content, address any concerns and give a run-down on the remaining content. 
  4. Students then continue to progress at their own pace through Part 2 of the content.
  5. Students are required to complete a final one-on-one 10 minute (minimum) Zoom session with AuctionsPlus Staff. We again will review any additional questions or concerns that were raised. 

Course Content

Part 1

  • Introduction & Welcome
  • Section 1: Assessment
  • Section 2: Delivery
  • Section 3: Vendor
  • Section 4: Assessed

Part 2

  • Section 5: Weights
  • Section 6: Comments
  • Section 7: Media & Marketing
  • Section 8: Agent Responsibilities
  • Section 9: Resolving Misdescriptions
  • Section 10: Additional Info & Help
  • Assessment Entry
  • Course Review

Assessor Course Facilitators

Assistance will always be available through one of our course facilitators;    

Alexa Hearn                

Phone - 0411 074 931              

Email -  

Hannah Kermode    

Phone - 0458 336 494              

Email -

Ellen Simpson             

Phone - 0400 459 644              

Email -

Anna Adams                

Phone - 0432 760 436              

Email -