AuctionsPlus Feeder Sales 

All sales will begin at 9:00am AEST Tuesdays 

Sale Dates: 

  • Tuesday 13th June 
  • Tuesday 27th June 
  • Tuesday 11th July 
  • Tuesday 25th July 
  • Tuesday 8th August 
  • Tuesday 22nd August 
  • Tuesday 5th September 

Please Note: Cut off for Assessment Entry will be 3:00pm AEST Friday prior to sale

The below points will be used as recommendations only for assessors listing cattle in feeder sales and are based on your feedback as well as feedback from feedlots: 

    • All lots to be offered on a c/kg live weight basis only
    • When offering cattle on a c/kg live weight basis please refer specifically to section 10, pg. 29 of the OPERATING CONDITIONS
    • Cattle can be offered on regular delivery timeframe or a forward delivery timeframe
    • Selling agent and vendor set the terms of delivery as per normal assessment
    • If offering cattle on forward delivery terms please ensure you are familiar with the AuctionsPlus Forward Contract Term & Conditions. FORWARD CONTRACT T&CS 
    • Draft with a specific target feedlot and specs in mind. Drafting to specific breed lines is recommended. E.g Blacks seperate from BBs and BBs and Bos Indicus or Euro cross. 
    • Ensure correct conformation of cattle offered for feeding program
    • No eyes, disease, sickness, horns.
    • Assessors offering cattle on a forward contract basis must be endorsed by AuctionsPlus CLICK HERE FOR FORM
    • It is preferred where possible to offer lines of cattle in decks to better enable buyers to manage transport. Or where possible using a central delivery point to enable smaller lines of cattle to be collected.  
    • Delivery adjustments – As a guide please see below - selling agents can nominate their terms. Some feedlots would prefer to weigh over their own weighbridge on arrival – this can be offered subject to shrink table below. 
Shrinkage is to be applied as per the table below unless otherwise stated by the Accredited Assessor in the assessment or mutually agreed upon in writing by the Selling Agent or Vendor and Purchaser. 

Distance Travelled 

Cattle Shrink Applied 











501+ km


  • It is preferred when possible for heifers that they be offered with a PTE statement or pregnancy is outlined by the assessor.
  • Assessor Comments around the condition of the cattle need to match the fat scoring in the assessment.
  • Clear instructions on delivery timeframes. State if cattle are offered on a forward contract basis.
  • Where possible the selling agent is to be present at delivery.
  • Where possible all cattle are to be weighed and mouthed. The larger the proportion the greater confidence buyers will have.