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11 days
Tue, 30 August 2022, 12:00 PM (SYD, NSW) AEST
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Fore more information please contact:

Shaun & Jo McGuigan | Cree Pastoral Company | 0427 678 909

Randall Span | Elders Biloela | 0429 700 332

Shaun and Jo McGuigan would like to invite any interested cattle graziers to their CREE Santa Gertrudis Bull Sale on Tuesday, 30th August 2022. Gates open 8am including Canteen and Auction starts at 12pm at ‘Kiah’ Thangool.

Catalogued are 77 rising 2-year-old bulls. These bulls are comprehensively recorded and present in a fit and healthy condition to go straight to work. All sale bulls have undergone a rigorous pre-sale regimen including vaccinations for 3-day sickness, vibrio, pesti virus and botulism, and have also passed a semen morphology and bull breeding soundness evaluation conducted by veterinarian Ced Wise.

Cree Pastoral utilizes the benefits of BREEDPLAN to identify and multiply

the occurrence of high- performing animals. The catalogue contains an easy-to-read bar

graph that displays each bulls performance in comparison to the breed average. Helping you identify the traits that you are wanting.

Many of these traits are impossible to identify by “eye” and are hard to measure.

With careful selection and complimentary joining’s,

we are creating animals that have across the board positive contributions to the major profit driving traits, namely growth, fertility, and carcass. Our end goal is producing animals that are

above breed average across all their recorded traits.

Often these important profit driving traits are negatively correlated to the popular selection criteria utilized by purchasers using raw data. It is important to understand that raw data is only the objective measurement of that animal and cannot be compared to animals even run in the same mob unless they are of the same age and have had the same opportunity whole of life.

BREEDPLAN on the other hand takes that raw data and adjusts for age and the heritability of each trait, allowing for accurate comparisons between animals of different ages and preparations. EBV’s denote the genetic potential irrespective of environment.

Currently the Cree herd has a 4 1/2

from 5-star rating for completeness of performance recording which places us in the top 3 recorded Santa Gertrudis herds in Australia.

For more information or pre-sale inspection and Catalogue please call Shaun on 0427 678 909 or visit:

for an Electronic catalogue.

Agents: Kellco Monto: P: 4166 1662

Andrew Cavanagh M: 0467 662 452

Elders Biloela: P: 4993 8100

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Randall Spann M: 0429 700 332

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