76 Feeder Heifers

Lot 142 · DINGO, Central Queensland
No. 522 · Fri, 09 April 2021, 9:00 AM (SYD)
WA 7:00 AM · NT 8:30 AM · QLD 9:00 AM · SA 8:30 AM


Form No.
Assessor Comments
Brad Passfield (Level 2 Accredited)


PIC Number(s) QGDR0089
Accreditation(s) LPA Organic


Average Weight
At Assessment 06/04/2021
At Est Kill/Del Date 12/04/2021 (6 days)
397.5 kgs
382.4 kgs based on -5% Del. Adj.
198.8 kgs (Est. Av. Drs. 50%)
0 Hrs off feed
201.3 kgs
Live weight gain 1 grams/day
Weight Range
332 kgs to 462 kgs Liveweight
320 kgs to 444 kgs Liveweight at delivery
Assessment: Individual on 06/04/2021 Sampled: 76 Head (100%)
Weight Class Weight Range Fat Scores
1 2 3 L 3 H Totals
Dressed Live 0-2 3-6 7-9 10-12
18 160.1 -180.0 320-360 1% 7% 4% 0% 12%
20 180.1 -200.0 360-400 4% 29% 1% 0% 34%
22 200.1 -220.0 400-440 0% 25% 7% 7% 39%
24 220.1 -240.0 440-480 1% 9% 1% 4% 15%
Totals 6% 70% 13% 11% 100%
Comment on Fat
Score 1 Cattle
These heifers present in forward store to prime condition


Sire Dam
76 Head Brahman Brahman
Horn Status 3 Polled 2 Horned 67 Dehorned 4 Scurred
Age 18 - 21 Months
Age Brands: No 9
(20 Mouthed)
1-2T 19 head
3-4T 1 head
Quality Grades
Very Good 46%
Good 42%
Fair 12%
Quiet: 26 head
Slightly Stirry: 40 head
Stirry: 10 head
Quiet: 26 head
Slightly Stirry: 40 head
Stirry: 10 head
Temperament not assessed in Paddock
These heifers filed through the crush well. Some heifers did get nervous under pressure.
Handled With Aerial (Helicopters, gyro’s and planes) , Bikes , Dogs , Horses
Assessor Comments Buyers here is a line of Vendor bred Organic Certified Brahman heifers that have strong Tartrus & Kaiuroo Brahman genetics. These have been grazed on leauceana for the last 50 days and have averaged 1 kg per day for the duration. These heifers should keep performing on either grass or grain. They did file through the crush well, but were a little nervous out in a bigger yard once processed.
Assessor Brad Passfield (Level 2 Accredited)

History & Management

Burr/Seed in Coat
Kaiuroo is a parthinium area
HGP Status
The owner declares that the cattle have not been treated with HGP at any period of their lives
Health Treatments
Vaccinated 01/11/2020 7 in 1
Vendor Bred Yes
Stock History These heifers come from a high grade brahman herd that has been breeding high quality Brahman cattle for some time. Tartrus Brahmans being the foundation base
Bloodlines Tartrus and Kaiuroo Brahmans
Grazing Conditions These heifers have been grazing on fresh leucaena and buffel
Returned same
Vendor Comments These heifers have been bred to suit the organic export market. Due to the ongoing dry we have offer these to the market to suit a range of other markets also.
Joining Details Not Station Mated
Any Access To Bulls or Stags? To vendor's best knowledge, this lot has had no access to bulls or stags.


Delivery Period 12/04/2021 to 13/04/2021 (2 days)
Delivery Point On truck on property at Kaiuroo. Kaiuroo is located 90 km NE Dingo or 150 km SW of Middlemount QLD
Agent Contact Brad Passfield
Mobile 0459 160 791
Trucking Access up to road train access
Delivery Comments These cattle are located in a tick area and will require clearing to enter the free zone.
Trading Terms Payment due in full within 7 days of delivery
Movement Restrict. These cattle will require tick clearing if needed to enter tick free areas [Please note: It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to satisfy all state compliances in regard to the movement of this lot.]
Sale Types $/Head
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To do this you can access your account at www.nlis.com.au or if you require assistance, please contact the NLIS Helpdesk on 1800 654 743
Brad Passfield Assessor & Delivery Agent
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