No. 511 · Machinery · SIM · 60 lots
3 days
Fri, 03 December 2021, 9:00 AM (SYD, NSW) AEDT Timer on: Mon, 06 December 2021, 4:00 PM

Total of 60 Lots - 0 Head

Terms & Conditions

Timer will commence 4pm 6th December. This will be a 60 second timer that will control the conclusion of the auction. Each time a bid is placed, the timer will return to 60. Once the timer reaches zero the auction will conclude

 “Barralong” clearing sale 

16 L Furneys Ln Dubbo NSW 2830

*Successful bidders will be a invoiced the next business day after sale closes 

*Payment maybe finalised 24 hours of receiving invoice 

Items will be available for collection once payment has been received

All items not collected within 14 days will be treated as abandoned goods 

Agent Contact - Joe Portelli: 0418835464

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