No. 943 · Machinery · SIM · 27 lots
7 days
Wed, 27 October 2021, 8:00 AM (SYD)
WA 5:00 AM · NT 6:30 AM · QLD 7:00 AM · SA 7:30 AM

Total of 27 Lots - 0 Head

Terms & Conditions


Starting 8am Wednesday 27th October

Finishing 8pm Thursday 28th October, at which point a 60 second timer will appear at the top of the auction. Once this timer hits zero, the auction will conclude. 

2% + GST Buyers Premium on all Lots

Inspections - by appointment only.

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Please ensure that you are registered with both Farm Tender and AuctionsPlus.

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Payment and Collection:

Successful bidders will be invoiced by email on the next day after sale conclusion

Please ensure full trading details are supplied.

Payment must be finalised within 5 days of the date of the invoice.

Collection of items will be available once payment has been made in full and appears in the nominated bank account, by appointment only.

We will advise the Vendor when full payment has been received and when items can be released.

If you intend to use Finance when the successful bidder, please ensure that this is in place prior to the Auction. If not, we ask that you advise and get approval from the Farm Tender Auctions team before the Auction.

Sales Contact: 

Jim Oehms - 0481 102 288