No. 641 · OTHER · SIM · 11 lots
56 days
Sat, 14 August 2021, 1:00 PM (SYD)
WA 11:00 AM · NT 12:30 PM · QLD 1:00 PM · SA 12:30 PM

Total of 11 Lots - 15 Head

Terms & Conditions

For More Information Please Contact

Dean Coddington | Spence Dix & Co | 0418 292 038

Geordie Elliott | GCL Stud Contact | 0438 874 587

Sale date and opening time: 14th August 2021 1pm SA time 

Auction timer will begin 30 minutes into the sale. This will be a 60 second timer. Each time a bid is placed, the timer returns to 60 seconds. Once the timer reaches zero, the auction will end. 

Sale Terms and Conditions: 

  • The sale will be conducted under the AuctionsPlus user agreement and sale terms and under the ALPA terms and conditions
  • GST will be applicable

Settlement Terms and Conditions: 

  • Payment must be booked through an approved agent or COD arrangements made prior to delivery with sale agent 

Please make sure you are set up with an AuctionsPlus account and approved to buy 24 hrs prior to auction 

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