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Farm Type
Land Size


Farm Type Rural
Land Size 4862.703 Hectares or 12010 Acres Freehold
Bedrooms Attractive 3 bedroom homestead, 2 bedroom cottage / art studio.
Services Prep to Year 10 in Tambo, mail run twice a week, Blackall Saleyards.
Topography Bexhill is an exceptional parcel of land with a terrific mix of country types for year round production. Bexhill has undulating downs which grows buffel & mitchell plus flinders & button grass in season, with prolific winter herbages. This is interspersed with creeks & gullies rising to lightly shaded ridges of dead finish, bauhinia & bottle trees. Bexhill has belts of pulled gidyea growing tremendously thick buffel grass.
Water Supply The property is watered by dams with the majority being cleaned out in 2013 & 2014. A sub bore supplies the house and stock water.
Yards “Bexhill” has 6 main paddocks, with 5 holding paddocks adjacent to the cattle yards.
Fencing “Bexhill” is part of the Tambo South Cluster. Further fencing has 3 of the 4 boundaries exclusion fenced now. Numerous holding paddocks and lanes have been constructed for ease of handling for a backgrounding / trading operation. Fencing ranges from 4 barb to barb / plain configurations & netting / barb.

Property Description

Property Description Location: 37kms west of Tambo via the Langlo Road or 78kms south east of Blackall via Mount Macquarie road off the Landsborough Highway.
Rainfall: 21 inches or 525mm per annum.
Carrying Capacity: 1200 backgrounder / feeders or sheep equivalent
Tim Ludgate
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