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Lot 1 - "Kurrajong Park" 873 Lindon Road, Uralla, NSW

• Property
• 5,135 Acres / 2,078 Ha (approx.)
• Location: "Kurrajong Park' is situated in the New England Region of Northern NSW. It is 45km South-West of Armidale, 26km West of Uralla and 110km North of Tamworth. Accommodation: Homestead - A large, very comfortable family home that was built in 1987 offers plenty of room and spectacular views of the valley is ready for either the growing, or established family. Managers Residence - A very well kept and neat 3 bedroom brick veneer house with bull nose verandahs and landscaped gardens would see a manager or employee very comfortable. Infrastructure: One of the many key features of Kurrajong Park, it boasts quality infrastructure. Sheds and livestock handling facilities are either new or have been rebuilt since the property was purchased in 2003. Fencing: Kurrajong Park is currently sub-divided into 33 main paddocks with a central laneway running the length of the property with access to most paddocks. Fertiliser History: An extremely strict fertiliser program has seen Kurrajong Park supered 17 of the past 18 years by air. Pasture: The pastures are currently 100% native with the addition of clovers being oversown. The main species of native grasses are tall wheatgrass, sweet vernal grass, white and black spear grass, and wallaby grass. Topography: The entire property is currently utilised for grazing with Kurrajong park showcasing a variety of topography ranging from creek flats to soft undulating, lightly timbered country, with a small amount of steeper, heavily timbered area. Vegetation: Kurrajong Park is home to a good mix of native timber such as yellow box, gum, stringy bark and kurrajong. Rainfall & Water: Kurrajong Park ranges from 700m - 1,100m above sea level and is situated in a reliable rainfall area which receives on average 775mm - 825mm (31" - 33") annually. There is 58 dams spread across the property which were all cleaned out in 2019. Carrying Capacity: A combination of fertiliser history, rainfall and management allows Kurrajong Park to conservatively run 800 breeding cows, plus their progeny. If further pasture improvement was undertaken, the current carrying capacity could be further increased.
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