Lot 1 · HUGHENDEN, QLD 4821
No. 375 · Mon, 12 July 2021, 10:30 AM (SYD)
WA 8:30 AM · NT 10:00 AM · QLD 10:30 AM · SA 10:00 AM


Farm Type
Land Size


Farm Type Rural
Land Size Approx 10,060.18Ha
Bedrooms A very comfortable large homestead in very good conditions. 3 - bedroom staff quarters.
Topography Open, undulating, black soil, Mitchell and Flinders Grass Downs country with a scattering of Prickly Acacia. The Walkers Creek channel system runs through 2 paddocks on the North Eastern side of the property. The Eastern Creek channels run through the Western side of the property.
Water Supply One sub artesian bore pumping from approx 10ft delivering 3,500Gal/hour to 5 turkey nests and 6 poly tanks that feed 22 troughs.
Shedding & Improvements Large machinery shed and workshop (3 adjoining sheds). 44 x 18 x 6m, 2 bays cemented floor. 11 x 22 x 3m, fully cemented floor. Skillion roof 11 x 22 x 3m, 1 bay cemented floor
Yards Very substantial NEW all steel cattle yard, branding, crush, covered working areas, double-deck loading ramp. Capacity 1,000 head.
Fencing Approx 15km of new & upgraded. fencing completed in the last 3 years.

Property Description

Property Description Agent Remarks: The Thornhill Aggregation is a large scale, ideally located, tick free, very functional group of properties with a good body of feed for this season. It is well set up to handle large mobs of cattle with extensive water and fencing development. With bitumen frontage via the Flinders Highway, the property has the ability to supply markets all year round, wet season or dry season enabling it to be run as either a breeding, backgrounding or trading enterprise.

Currently in the pipeline for the Hughenden Region is the potential development of a beef processing facility, feedlot and irrigation scheme. These projects have been under development now for some years and are becoming more of a commercial option as each hurdle is passed. The Thornhill Aggregation is right on the doorstep of all these opportunities.
Henry Slaney
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