480 Mixed Sex Store Lambs

Lot 258 · TIMBOON, S.W. Victoria
No. 836 · Tue, 18 January 2022, 1:00 PM (SYD, NSW) AEDT
WA 10:00 AM · NT 11:30 AM · QLD 12:00 PM · SA 12:30 PM


Form No.
Assessor Comments

Nick Maddison (Level 1 Accredited)


A/c McKenzie Properties - Camerons Hill Road, TIMBOON, VIC
Lot Id Yellow RFID tag right ear.
PIC Number(s) 3CEYK147
Accreditation(s) LPA MSA (W192)


Average Weight
At Assessment 07/01/2022
At Est Kill/Del Date 19/01/2022 (12 days)
46.1 kgs
44.5 kgs based on -3.5% Del. Adj.
19.8 kgs (Est. Av. Drs. 43%)
5 Hrs off feed
19.8 kgs
Live weight gain 0 grams/day
Weight Range
42 kgs to 51 kgs Liveweight
41 kgs to 49 kgs Liveweight at delivery
Assessment: Individual on 07/01/2022 Sampled: 99 Head (21%)
Weight Class Weight Range Fat Scores
2 3 4 Totals
Dressed Live 6-10 11-15 16-20
20 18.1 -20.0 42-47 45% 17% 1% 63%
22 20.1 -22.0 47-51 26% 8% 3% 37%
Totals 71% 25% 4% 100%


Sire Dam
100 % 2nd Cross Poll Dorset Border Leicester/Merino
Ext. Breed Lambs are Shellal Poll Dorset sired bred out of flock that is 100% Telang/Maroona 1st X ewes.
1 Aug 2021 to 15 Sep 2021
Lambs weaned 01/12/2021
Lambs are yard weaned overnight before returning to pasture paddock.
Assessor Comments Offering 1480 quality 2nd X Poll Dorset lambs over 3 lots. Impeccably bred & late drop, the McKenzie Properties lambs are bred for performance. Traditionally finished to top quality trade and heavy trade weights, the operation has made the decision to transition to a breeding operation with intention to offer these lambs annually going forward. 100% bred from principally large frame Telang/Maroona 1st X ewes & sired by the lead Shellal Poll Dorset rams these lambs have the breeding & capacity to take through to heavy export weights. Management is top rate, with performance recording a key in the operation & it must be noted that these lambs have gained 250gms/day since weaning. All lambs were individually weighed prior to assessment into tight weight bands, with expected delivery weight of this draft to be 44.5kg. Lambs can not come more highly recommended, and represents a terrific chance to acquire a large line of well bred, late drop, proven performance lambs.
Assessor Nick Maddison (Level 1 Accredited)

History & Management

Introduced Sheep
1-5 sources of sheep have been introduced onto the consignment property in the last 5 years
All consigned sheep are from a flock that is free of Virulent Footrot
All consigned sheep are from a flock that is free of Benign Footrot or Scald
Feet were inspected at assessment. Inspected 10 head (2%)
Comments: Tipped 10 lambs over at assessment and sighted no sign of scald. Despite southwest Victoria being an area subject to scald when winter & late spring conditions allow, there were no lame lambs noted in this mob and certainly none will be delivered.
All consigned sheep are from a flock that is free of Lice
Health Treatments
Drenched 16/12/2021 Trifecta
Health Declaration
A National Sheep Health Declaration will be provided at Delivery AT BUYER REQUEST
JD Approved Vaccinates
Sheep are not JD Approved Vaccinates.
Other Health Information Vendor flock is 100% Telang (& Maroona) SA bred, with these ewes the only sheep acquired annually. Animal biosecurity & health is paramount in the McKenzie Properties operation.
Mulesed No
Shearing Info
Not Crutched
Wool Length
50% 2 - 2.5"
50% 2.5 - 3"
Majority Length 62 Millimetres
Degree Burr Very Light Type: Clover
Degree Seed Very Light Type: Barley grass
Shedding Breed Contact
No known contact with shedding breeds
Skin Comment Skins are typical for 2nd X lambs being relatively clean running in late country with pastures only recently going to head.
Wool Comment Typical for breeding being downs type wool.
Vendor Bred Yes
Bloodlines Sired by leading Shellal Poll Dorset rams ex large frame Telang/Maroona bred 1st X ewes (South Australia).
Grazing Conditions Grazing improved pasture comprising ryegrass & clover.
Returned same
Any Access To Rams or Stags? To vendor's best knowledge, the female portion of this lot has had no access to rams or stags.


Delivery Period 19/01/2022 to 25/01/2022 (7 days)
Delivery Point Property located approx 10km from Timboon and 32km south of Cobden
Agent Contact Nick Maddison
Mobile 0447 991 236
Trucking Access There is NO B-double access at the Camerons Hill Road property.
Delivery Comments 24 hours notice required.
Trading Terms Nutrien terms & conditions of sale. Payment prior to delivery may be required if purchaser is not settling through recognised agency.
Movement Restrict. None provided. [Please note: It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to satisfy all state compliances in regard to the movement of this lot.]
Sale Types $/Head
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Nick Maddison Assessor & Delivery Agent