No. 303 · SHEEP · SIM · 236 lots
12 days
Mon, 07 February 2022, 12:00 PM (SYD, NSW) AEDT

Terms & Conditions

  • Sale Conducted under AuctionsPlus User Agreement and Sale Terms and Code of Conduct
  • Trading Terms are those of the Selling Agent
  • Please note all new registered AuctionsPlus buyers are required to complete Buyer Induction Training prior to bidding. AuctionsPlus recommends that all intending bidders have completed their registration and training 24 hours prior to auction.
    For all enquiries please contact AuctionsPlus 02 9262 4222 or click HERE to send us an email.
  • At the conclusion of the sale, losing bidders have 90 minutes to meet reserve on passed-in lots
  • If you are purchasing livestock from AuctionsPlus, please remember its the buyers responsibility to transfer your purchased animals onto your PIC in the NLIS database.
    To do this you can access your account at or if you require assistance, please contact the NLIS Helpdesk on 1800 654 743
  • Buyers be aware of the restrictions that are relevant to your location in regards to OJD management and sheep movements. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they can take delivery. Click here for further details
  • The AuctionsPlus Code of Conduct has been developed to provide all users with some simple rules that assist in delivering a positive and trusted environment to all business conducted on the platform

Buyers Please Note: Minimum price of $3000.00 excluding GST for Stud Transfers.

For more information please contact:

Dugald McIndoe | Smithston Farms | 02 6732 3860

Tom Oakes | CL Squires & Co | 0409 901 930

This sale will run for 45 minutes, at which point a 60 second timer will appear. 

When the timer reaches 0, the sale will end

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