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Lawsons Angus
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• The 30th Annual Independent Rural Agents (IRA) Pemberton, WA elite weaner and breeder sale on Auctions Plus features the sale of Lawsons Momentous M518. Independent Rural Agents (IRA) 30th Sale is the largest sale of Lawsons Angus genetics in Australia. Momentous is the only sire in the entire Angus breed that is >12 EMA (top 1%), >5.0 IMF (top1%) and over +110 on 600D. Momentous is one of those vary rare bulls that excels in every trait! At 5 years of age, Momentous is still in strong demand at Genetics Australia, Victoria. The syndicate owners Colin Thexton, Blue River Grazing, Kevin Collins, Collins Bros Grazing, Pemberton WA and Ryan Bros, Pemberton, WA have decided it is a good opportunity to sell their interest in Momentous given they have used the bull extensively and Momentous is located on the East Coast. Selling 100% walking rights and 50% revenue share of this elite stud sire. The buyer will be 50% partner with Lawsons Angus and have the opportunity to use the bull exclusively for natural service if required. Momentous will remain under contract with Genetics Australia and commercial contract can be provided to any interested buyers on request to Nigel Semmens, Genetics Australia Beef Manager or Harry Lawson, Lawsons Angus. Momentous is currently located at GENETICS AUSTRALIA / TLG collection centre Camperdown, Victoria. Contact Nigel Semmens (MOBILE 0439 417 941) for inspections with 7 days notice. Momentous immediately stood out in his contemporary WA nucleus group. I remember the day he walked into the yards at Joanna Plains and we could see we had something special, he was over 100kg heavier than the group average, slick coated with a perfect disposition and structure. His actual scan results were super high for EMA and IMF. Long term clients and astute commercial breeders Col Thexton and Paddy Collins teamed up with Ryan Bros to purchase Momentous for a WA record of $32,000, which is still the WA highest priced Angus bull sold. Since then Momentous has been one of the most widely used AI sires, topping sales across Australia and now has over 3,000 progeny recorded including over 1,000 in our herd. Momentous is unique in many ways in that he is the only sire in the entire Angus breed that is>12 EMA, >5.0 IMF and over +110 on 600D. Momentous carcase results are backed by our own progeny test where we have seen many >7 marble score carcases on the rail with incredible consistency and yield. Momentous marbling has recently gone to >5 IMF off the back of him being the highest MSA Marble Score sire-group with his 10 steer progeny in Cohort 9 of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP). Lawsons Momentous M518 has been the number one selling sire at Genetics Australia since he joined our line up in the Autumn of 2018. Demand for Momentous continues to remain strong with attributes such as his breed leading & progeny proven carcase traits, excellent structure, quiet disposition making him a first choice sire for Angus breeders no only in Australia but around the world with semen being exported to a number of countries. Whilst Momentous M518 sons have been in high demand in bull sales across Australia over the past 18 months, Australian Angus breeders are realising the true value of Lawsons Momentous M518 are his highly productive daughters that are in production. Momentous daughters will soon be recoginsed as the dams of the next generation of breed leading Angus sires in Australia.
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