No. 710 · CATTLE · SIM · 32 lots
Tue, 19 October 2021, 8:00 AM (SYD, NSW) AEDT

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The Tender is to be conducted under AuctionsPlus User Agreement and Sale Terms.   

The following additional terms will be applicable to the conduct of the Tender:

1.       The Tender Submission period will be from 8am AEST Tuesday 12 October 2021  to 5pm AEST Tuesday 19 October 2021.

2.       Tenders may only be submitted by a Registered User of AuctionsPlus. Click  HERE to register

3.       In submitting a tender, a Registered User acknowledges that they have read all relevant details of each Sire, and all supporting documentation in relation to the Tender process

4.       All tenders submitted by a Registered User will be submitted to AuctionsPlus

5.       A Registered User will submit a tender using the Tender Submission Form supplied by AuctionsPlus

6.       The Tender Submission Form will include pricing and any other terms the Registered User wishes to include in their offer

7.       All Tender Submissions must be submitted as a price in Australian Dollars per Straw.

a.       Each Sire package will contain 10 straws. If Tender price is accepted on a sire, the allocated package price will be ten times the nominated per straw price

8.       Submission price is to EXCLUDE GST.

a.       GST at a rate of 10% will be added to all tender submission prices.

9.       A Registered User may submit a tender with an offer price for any number of sires (up to 32)

                   a. The User may not be allocated all nominated sires listed in their submission 

                   b. A User will only be awarded a maximum of 20 packages

10.   An entity may only submit one tender

11.   Once submitted to AuctionsPlus, a tender may not be withdrawn or retracted

12.   A Registered User may amend their tender during the tender period in the following conditions:

a.       To increase the offer price on any sire/s

b.       To apply an offer price to additional sire/s

13.   All Tender Submission Forms will be supplied to the Selling Agent following the closure of the tender submission period

14.   Any Registered User who completes a Tender Submission Form shall fulfil the terms of the submission if accepted by the Selling Agent

15.   The Selling Agent has sole discretion in determining any successful tender submissions

16.   Acceptance of any tender will consider both price and terms as outlined in the Tender Submission Form

17.   The Selling Agent is not obligated to accept any offer made via tender

18.   Upon acceptance of a tender, the Selling Agent will issue a Contract of Tender

19.   Where a Tender is accepted, the successful Purchaser will be notified by 5pm AEST Friday 22nd October

20.   Registered Users who submit an Tender that is not accepted, will be notified by email by 5pm AEST Friday 22nd October

For more information please contact: 

Mitch Braithwaite, GDL - 0427 702 311

Laura Penrose, AWA - 0437 356 759

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The Tender is open to the Entire Wagyu Sector


Australian Wagyu Association
• Cattle
• Stud Mr Nami Suzutani 327H 327 is a pedigree specimen. He is a direct son of the Great Itoshigenami TF148 who himself sired the number one Bull in the world - Itoshigenami Jr. Itoshigenami jr semen has previously sold for $68,000. His maternal grandsire is World K’s Shigeshigetani, a bull that was thought for generations to be the best, based on his 15K Carcasses harvested, 90 % of those grading three full steps above Prime. With modern day genomics now available on Shigeshigetani, one can see the opinion was spot on. He is not only documented now for the exceptional carcasses he produces, he is also a BREEDPLAN genomic wonder. He is top 1% for Gestation Length, top 5% in Birth Weight, top percentile in Marble Score and flirts with the breed leader with Eye Muscle Area. Because of these incredible traits he borders on top index numbers in all important categories. Perhaps most importantly, he displays all of these traits with a 90%+ accuracy rating due to his volume of evaluated progeny. To 327H’s pedigree we add Itozuru doi TF151, well known as the greatest all round sire in the breed. KSWFR327’s maternal granddam is World K’s Suzutani who is well documented as the greatest female in the breed outside of Japan. The dam of 327 is a top 2% animal for Eye Muscle Area and sits just below the top 5% for Marble Score with a +1.7 EBV. KSWFR327 is free of known genetic conditions. Catalogue Export Status: Australia, USA & Canada
H Described


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