About Us

The Power of Choice

AuctionsPlus is an independent digital trading platform that offers the greatest access to information and choice to the Australian agricultural community. Our vision is for a thriving agricultural community, where business prospers. Our mission is to provide digital solutions for better agricultural trading.


As the undisputed leader in quality, fairness and accuracy of assessment and accurate weight information via an official assessment, AuctionsPlus is THE assessment authority.


For over three decades we have been woven into the fabric of business in the bush. We have worked alongside farmers through the tough years, and appreciated the good ones with them.


Our market is all over Australia – we literally connect you to a national audience via the single largest online saleyard in Australia.


Our community of users give up their time to provide feedback on our growing platform which in turn helps us to ensure we’re providing a quality service. We love hearing the community’s thoughts, ideas, innovations and painpoints.