25 NSM Heifers & 25 Calves

Lot 328 · CHOCOLYN, S.W. Victoria
No. 904 · Fri, 28 May 2021, 10:00 AM (SYD, NSW) AEST
WA 8:00 AM · NT 9:30 AM · QLD 10:00 AM · SA 9:30 AM


Form No.
Assessor Comments

Alister Nash (Level 1 Accredited)


A/c Chocolyn Farms - 179 Chocolyn Settlement Road, CHOCOLYN, VIC
Lot Id nlis tag and yellow management tags in Heifers
PIC Number(s) 3CEMR073
Accreditation(s) LPA


Average Weight
At Assessment 21/05/2021
At Est Kill/Del Date 29/05/2021 (8 days)
517.0 kgs
501.5 kgs based on -3% Del. Adj.
248.2 kgs (Est. Av. Drs. 48%)
4 Hrs off feed
248.2 kgs
Live weight gain 0 kgs/day
Weight Range
454 kgs to 634 kgs Liveweight
440 kgs to 615 kgs Liveweight at delivery
Assessment: Individual on 21/05/2021 Sampled: 25 Head (100%)
Weight Class Weight Range Fat Scores
2 3 L 3 H Totals
Dressed Live 3-6 7-9 10-12
22 200.1 -220.0 417-458 8% 0% 0% 8%
24 220.1 -240.0 459-500 28% 0% 0% 28%
26 240.1 -260.0 500-542 36% 8% 0% 44%
28 260.1 -280.0 542-583 12% 0% 0% 12%
30 280.1 -300.0 584-625 4% 0% 0% 4%
32 300.1 -320.0 625-667 0% 0% 4% 4%
Totals 88% 8% 4% 100%


Sire Dam
25 Head Angus Angus
Horn Status 25 Polled
Age 2.4 - 2.5 Years
Age Breakup: 24 x Q-2019 drop 1 x M- 2016 drop
Calves at Foot 25 calves sired by Registered Angus
Bull ID's: Weeran Angus Bull
Sex Composition: 10 heifers, 15 steers
CAF Age Age in Weeks low 5 high 12
CAF Weight 25 calves handled. low 69 kgs Ave. 102 kgs High 124 kgs
Large 30%
Medium 70%
Quality Grades
Excellent 100%
Store Condition
Fwd Prime 10%
Fwd Store 90%
Carcase Quality
HQ1 50%
GAQ 50%
Muscle Score
C 100%
Docile: 25 head
Quiet: 25 head
Quiet: 25 head
Excellent to handle both in the yards and walking into the crush. Once we let them back out together in a small holding paddock they just stood happily and fed their calves
Handled With Bikes , On foot , Vehicles
Assessor Comments Outstanding heifers and calves. Good big roomy females and doing a fantastic job on their calves. Calves are full of milk and have plenty of bone and shape. There are 15 steer calves and 10 heifer calves. Heifers have not been back to any bulls and are ready to join to a bull of your choice. Calves have been marked and had their vaccinations. Would be an asset to any herd. Please note there is one M- 2016 drop cow in the mob the balance are all heifers on their fist calf. The successful purchaser has the right to take or leave this cow and calf.
Assessor Alister Nash (Level 1 Accredited) Phone: 0427 932 264

History & Management

Burr/Seed in Coat
No Burr or Seed of weeds declared noxious observed in the coats at assessment
HGP Status
The owner declares that the cattle have not been treated with HGP at any period of their lives
Health Treatments
Calves Vaccinated 12/05/2021 7 in 1
Calves Vaccinated 12/05/2021 Multimin
Eligibilities Russian Eligible, Saudi Eligible, PCAS Eligible
J-BAS Score six
Vendor Bred No
Vendor has owned stock for More than 12 months
Stock History purchased as heifers ex Kerr & Co Sale at Mortlake, Pathfinder, TeMania, Weeran & Coolana bloodlines
Lifetime Traceable 100 % of cattle in this lot are Lifetime Traceable
Bloodlines Calves by Weeran Angus bull
Grazing Conditions short green improved pasture, getting fed daily with pasture hay
Returned same
Vendor Comments Heifers and calves
Joining Details Not Station Mated
Any Access To Bulls or Stags? To vendor's best knowledge, this lot has had no access to bulls or stags.


Delivery Period 29/05/2021 to 04/06/2021 (7 days)
Delivery Point 179 Chocolyn Settlement Road
Lat: -38.19834755494027" S Long: 143.21014955983273" E
NLIS Transfer Vendor/Agent willing to Scan and Transfer cattle AT BUYER REQUEST at cost of $5.00/head
Agent Contact Alister Nash
Mobile 0427 932 264
AfterHours 0427 932 264
Trucking Access B Double access
Delivery Comments 24 hours notice required
Trading Terms Invoiced to approved Agent or cash before delivery
Movement Restrict. None provided. [Please note: It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to satisfy all state compliances in regard to the movement of this lot.]
Special Conditions Stewart Nash McVilly terms of trade of a private sale treaty
Sale Types $/Head
NLIS Note If you are purchasing livestock from AuctionsPlus, please remember its the buyers responsibility to transfer your purchased animals onto your PIC in the NLIS database.
To do this you can access your account at www.nlis.com.au or if you require assistance, please contact the NLIS Helpdesk on 1800 654 743
Alister Nash Assessor & Delivery Agent