73 Station Mated Cows & 73 Calves

Lot 678 · ESK, Southern Queensland
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Form No.
chat Assessor Comments
Jack Fogg (Level 2 Accredited)
DUNLOP CATTLE CO - 'Sunny Side' 3782 Gatton Road, Esk QLD 4312, ESK, QLD
PIC Number(s)
Average Weight
At Assessment
459.3 kgs
229.6 kgs (Est. Av. Drs. 50%)
1 Hrs off feed
Weight Range
351 kgs to 566 kgs Liveweight
At Est Kill/Del Date
26/02/2024 (13 days)
431.7 kgs based on -6% Del. Adj.
229.6 kgs
Live weight gain 0 grams/day
Weight Range
330 kgs to 532 kgs Liveweight at delivery
Assessment: Individual on 13/02/2024 Sampled: 73 Head (100%)
Weight Class Weight Range Fat Scores
1 2 Totals
Dressed Live 0-2 3-6
18 160.1 - 180.0 320 - 360 1% 0% 1%
20 180.1 - 200.0 360 - 400 5% 0% 5%
22 200.1 - 220.0 400 - 440 27% 1% 28%
24 220.1 - 240.0 440 - 480 34% 4% 38%
26 240.1 - 260.0 480 - 520 19% 4% 23%
28 260.1 - 280.0 520 - 560 4% 0% 4%
30 280.1 - 300.0 560 - 600 1% 0% 1%
Totals 91% 9% 100%
Comment on Fat Score 1 Cattle
These cows are in good strong store condition and fit to travel long distances
Sire Dam
72 Head Santa Gertrudis Santa Gertrudis
1 Head Santa Gertrudis Santa/Hereford
Ext. Breed
Horn Status
17 Polled 51 Dehorned 5 Scurred
3 - 4 Years
Age Breakup: 17 - (No 0's) 56 - (No. 1's)
Age Brands: 0's 1's
Calves at Foot
73 calves sired by Angus, Charolais, Santa Gertrudis
Sex Composition: 44 Heifer 29 Bulls
Age in Months low 1 high 8
CAF Weight
73 calves handled. low 80 kgs Ave. 184 kgs High 316 kgs
Quality Grades
Very Good 80%
Good 10%
Fair 10%
Store Condition
Fwd Store 10%
Store 80%
Bck Store 10%
Quiet: 60 head
Slightly Stirry: 8 head
Stirry: 5 head
Quiet: 55 head
Slightly Stirry: 14 head
Stirry: 4 head
Temperament not assessed in Paddock
These cows worked well through the yards, with the odd one stirring up slightly when under pressure or separated out of the mob. They settled well as a mob after the assessment and would be no trouble for an experienced cattlemen to handle.
Handled With
Bikes , Dogs , Horses , On foot
Assessor Comments
A quality line of first calf heifers presented with good sized Calves at foot, rejoined to Angus and Santa bulls. These cows are all bred and been running in ticky, lantana, forest country. The calves are sired by quality Angus bulls with the exception of one Charolais heifer calf and a Santa bull calf. There are two brands in the heifers. The majority of them are bred by the Cruickshank family at Eidsvold with 21 of them being bred at Eskdale Station. They have all been pre-dipped and the vendor will guarantee them clear of the dip and will pay for the inspection fee. These cows have been rejoined to a ruby Ridge Angus Bull and a Yarrawonga Santa Bull purchased for $22K. All the calves are currently unmarked. These cows are running on lighter forest country and will perform well where ever you take them. They are milking well and doing a great job on their calves. Don't miss this opportunity to purchase an outstanding run of genuine breeders joined back to quality bulls.
Jack Fogg (Level 2 Accredited) Phone: 0488 192 107
Burr/Seed in Coat
No Burr or Seed of weeds declared noxious observed in the coats at assessment
HGP Status
The owner declares that the cattle have not been treated with HGP at any period of their lives
Cattle are within a Withholding Period or Export Slaughter Interval for: Dectomax Injectable as of 20/02/2024 for 42 days
Chemical Residue
ESI & WHP 42days
Russian Eligible, Saudi Eligible
J-BAS Score
J Bas 6
Vendor Bred
Vendor has owned stock for More than 12 months
Stock History
These cows were all bought as un-joined heifers out of Toogoolawah . Majority were bred by the Cruickshank Family at Eidsvold with the balance being bred at Eskdale Station.
Lifetime Traceable
Grazing Conditions
Running on forest country with pastures consisting of spear grass, with small amounts of blue grass and green panic
Returned same
Joining Details
Station Mated bulls put in: 14/11/2023 bulls taken out: 26/02/2024 (105 days)
Bull Breed(s):
Angus, Santa Gertrudis
To the vendors best knowledge, this lot has had no access to bulls or stags aside from stated joining period.
Preg Tested?
No, this lot was not pregnancy tested.
Other Joining Details
These cows have been joined back to a Ruby Ridge Angus bull and a Yarrawonga Santa Bull
Delivery Period
26/02/2024 to 28/02/2024 (3 days)
Delivery Point
On Property 'Sunny Side' 3782 Gatton Esk Rd ESK QLD
Lat: -27.2397738" S Long: 152.4215098" E
Please note that cattle are in a tick infested area.
Vendor guarantees clear of the dip
Clearing Point
On farm with certified clearing dip
NLIS Transfer
Vendor/Agent willing to Scan and Transfer cattle AT BUYER REQUEST at cost of $3.00/head
Agent Contact
Jack Fogg
Mobile 0488 192 107
Trucking Access
B-Double Access
Delivery Comments
Please notify the assessor of intended delivery time 48 hrs prior.
Trading Terms
Shepherdson and Boyd P/L QLD trading terms and conditions are payment before delivery unless an existing client, or pre-approval prior to the auction commencing. Payment terms are strictly 7 days from the date of sale.
Movement Restrict.
None provided. [Please note: It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to satisfy all state compliances in regard to the movement of this lot.]
Sale Types
If you are purchasing livestock from AuctionsPlus, please remember its the buyers responsibility to transfer your purchased animals onto your PIC in the NLIS database.
To do this you can access your account at www.nlis.com.au or if you require assistance, please contact the NLIS Helpdesk on 1800 654 743
No. 142 · Fri, 23 February 2024, 10:00 AM (SYD, NSW) AEDT
WA 7:00 AM · NT 8:30 AM · QLD 9:00 AM · SA 9:30 AM
Jack Fogg Assessor & Delivery Agent

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