123 NSM Yearling Heifers

Lot 304 · WESTMAR, Southern Queensland
No. 530 · Fri, 03 November 2023, 9:00 AM (SYD, NSW) AEDT
WA 6:00 AM · NT 7:30 AM · QLD 8:00 AM · SA 8:30 AM


Form No.
Assessor Comments
Brady Jackson (Level 2 Accredited)


PIC Number(s) QIWM0154
Accreditation(s) LPA , MSA


Average Weight
At Assessment 30/10/2023
At Est Kill/Del Date 04/11/2023 (5 days)
288.8 kgs
280.2 kgs based on -3% Del. Adj.
132.9 kgs (Est. Av. Drs. 46%)
7 Hrs off feed
132.9 kgs
Live weight gain 0 kgs/day
Weight Range
222 kgs to 363 kgs Liveweight
215 kgs to 352 kgs Liveweight at delivery
Assessment: Individual on 30/10/2023 Sampled: 123 Head (100%)
Weight Class Weight Range Fat Scores
1 2 L 2 H 3 L Totals
Dressed Live 0-2 3-4 5-6 7-9
11 90.1 -110.0 196-239 2% 8% 0% 0% 10%
13 110.1 -130.0 239-283 1% 32% 0% 0% 33%
15 130.1 -150.0 283-326 0% 34% 9% 1% 44%
16 150.1 -160.0 326-348 0% 6% 4% 0% 10%
18 160.1 -180.0 348-391 0% 1% 2% 0% 3%
Totals 3% 81% 15% 1% 100%
Comment on Fat
Score 1 Cattle
Heifers are in forward store condition and have been on a dry cover of grass, all heifers strong and fit to travel any required distances.


Sire Dam
29 Head Charbray Charolais
25 Head Black Simmental Angus
25 Head Santa Gertrudis Charbray
20 Head Limousin Angus
13 Head Santa Gertrudis Santa/Hereford
6 Head Santa Gertrudis Angus
2 Head Droughtmaster Angus
2 Head Limousin Santa Gertrudis
1 Head Limousin Hereford
Ext. Breed Sires used in the herd are Bullamakinka and Rosevale Santa Gertrudis, Elite Charolais and Black Simmental, Graneta Black Limousin and Charbray bulls. These are a line of mixed breed heifers please refer to photos and videos for all breed satisfaction
Horn Status 95 Polled 24 Horned 3 Dehorned 1 Scurred
Age 10 - 15 Months
Cattle weaned 30/06/2023
Heifers are yard weaned onto hay and tailed out on bikes and dogs.
Quiet: 100 head
Slightly Stirry: 23 head
Quiet: 100 head
Slightly Stirry: 11 head
Stirry: 12 head
Temperament not assessed in Paddock
These heifers were walked 6km to yards and kept in on hay until drafting and weighing commenced. Heifers were good to handle in yards and crush, some heifers did react negatively when in crush and weigh box, once they were let out they settled back to the mob. These heifers were drafted several times and by the end of the assessing they started to show traits of anxiety when pressure was applied. I would advise giving heifers plenty of time to settle into new environment on arrival.
Handled With Bikes , Dogs , Horses
Notable Traits
5 Head Warts around head and eyes
Assessor Comments Buyers here is an opportunity to secure 123 good quality flat back heifers. These heifers stand on good bone, with good length and depth. These heifers have the femininity and traits to grow into great future breeders. The "Cairgorm" and "Trevanna" cattle have proven results in feedlots on the Downs and are well known and sort after when offered in Roma and Dalby Saleyards. A number of these heifers noted to have fly bite and a small amount of rub on their neck and heads. Buyers please note vendor has 93 Santa heifers in the same sale.
Assessor Brady Jackson (Level 2 Accredited) Phone: 0457 821 566
Parallel Assessed By : Jack Dougherty

History & Management

Burr/Seed in Coat
No Burr or Seed of weeds declared noxious observed in the coats at assessment
HGP Status
The owner declares that the cattle have not been treated with HGP at any period of their lives
Health Treatments
Vaccinated 14/01/2023 7 in 1
Eligibilities Russian Eligible, Saudi Eligible
Vendor Bred Yes
Stock History The majority of these heifers were bred on "Trevanna" Cooyar where they were weaned and trucked to "Cairngorm" Bungunya. The remainder of the heifers were bred on the property.
Lifetime Traceable 100 % of cattle in this lot are Lifetime Traceable
Bloodlines Heifers bred out of a line of mixed bred cows comprising of Santa, Santa x, Santa/Charolais, Charbray and Angus. Vendor pays over $10,000 for sires.
Grazing Conditions Heifers have been grazing on a very short dry cover of flinders, buffel and native pastures. They have also had access to good quality oaten hay in the yards and will be fed hay in the paddock until delivery.
Returned same
Joining Details Not Station Mated
Other Joining Details The vendor is quite confident these heifers have had no exposure to bulls at any stage.
Any Access To Bulls or Stags? To vendor's best knowledge, this lot has had no access to bulls or stags.


Delivery Period 04/11/2023 to 08/11/2023 (5 days)
Delivery Point "Cairngorm" Located approximately 47kms S/W of Westmar on Lapgate Road.
Ticks Cattle are not in a tick infested area.
Agent Contact Brady Jackson
Mobile 0457 821 566
Trucking Access B Double and road train access. Rear load only.
Delivery Comments Buyers to advise delivery post sale with 24 hours notice to yards for delivery.
Trading Terms Intending buyers be advised Elders terms are strictly CBD unless debt can be accepted by a nominated agency or an approved Elders account is in place.
Movement Restrict. None provided. [Please note: It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to satisfy all state compliances in regard to the movement of this lot.]
Sale Types $/Head
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To do this you can access your account at www.nlis.com.au or if you require assistance, please contact the NLIS Helpdesk on 1800 654 743
Brady Jackson Assessor & Delivery Agent

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