143 Weaned Steers

Lot 315 · HUNGERFORD, Western Queensland
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Form No.
chat Assessor Comments
Bill Gibbs (Level 2 Accredited)
Weemabah Pty Ltd - "Moombidary", Hungerford Queensland 4493. 55km west of Hungerford, 115km south of Thargomindah., HUNGERFORD, QLD
PIC Number(s)
EU , LPA , MSA (749L) , Shorthorn Society membership number 242972.
Average Weight
At Assessment
293.4 kgs
143.8 kgs (Est. Av. Drs. 49%)
24 Hrs off feed
Weight Range
260 kgs to 344 kgs Liveweight
At Est Kill/Del Date
03/06/2024 (6 days)
294.9 kgs based on 0% Del. Adj.
144.5 kgs
Live weight gain 0.3 grams/day
Weight Range
262 kgs to 346 kgs Liveweight at delivery
Assessment: Individual on 28/05/2024 Sampled: 143 Head (100%)
Weight Class Weight Range Fat Scores
2 H 3 L 3 H Totals
Dressed Live 5-6 7-9 10-12
13 110.1 - 130.0 225 - 265 9% 0% 0% 9%
15 130.1 - 150.0 266 - 306 19% 41% 0% 60%
16 150.1 - 160.0 306 - 327 0% 15% 6% 21%
18 160.1 - 180.0 327 - 367 0% 0% 10% 10%
Totals 28% 56% 16% 100%
Sire Dam
143 Head Shorthorn Shorthorn
Ext. Breed
Moombidary Station was originally stocked with Shorthorn cows from the Weemabah Stud from Trangie, The Bulls for the past 5 years have come from Futurity Shorthorn Stud.
Horn Status
136 Polled 3 Horned 1 Tipped 3 Scurred
10 - 15 Months
Age Breakup: There is a range in weights that suggest even drop, Weaning is twice a year. This practice is due to the area the cattle on Moombidary cattle graze over.
(20 Mouthed)
0T 20 head
Cattle weaned 10/04/2024
Yard weaned on lucerne hay.
Hip Height
131 - 150 cm 60%
110 - 130 cm 40%
Quality Grades
Very Good 70%
Good 30%
Store Condition
Fwd Store 10%
Store 90%
Carcase Quality
FAQ 100%
Muscle Score
B 5%
C 85%
D 10%
Quiet: 123 head
Slightly Stirry: 20 head
Quiet: 123 head
Slightly Stirry: 20 head
Quiet: 143 head
Steers were very good to handle through the yards. Very odd steer became a little stirred when in the crush but settled once it rejoined the mob. No steer became aggressive at all. Well handled young cattle. All bulls are all heavily selected on their temperament. Pride is taken in the handling, imprinting and weaning preparation of these cattle, based on low stress stock handling principles and care with genetic selection.
Handled With
Aerial (Helicopters, gyro’s and planes) , Bikes , Dogs , Horses , Vehicles
Assessor Comments
A great line of quality young Shorthorn steers that have been born into a good season and show some of the softness that Moombidary Shorthorns are known for. Steers handled very well throughout the assessment. This is a draft of the Moombidary steers for this offering and present very well and are a great opportunity to purchase top quality Shorthorn steers. These steers have decades of breeding behind them and will not disappoint on grass or grain. Ideal steers to take on and grow out for other markets. Steers have been in and around yards for the past 6 weeks due to extended mustering. I expect the steers to go ahead quickly with good compensatory weight gain. Same vendor has 2 other lots of Shorthorn steers in the same sale totaling over 425 head of the one brand. At assessment steers had a weight range of 260kg-344Kg. Please note there is some steers that show pizzle and approx 6 had non detrimental scarring of the eye and were treated at assessment refer photos and video.
Bill Gibbs (Level 2 Accredited) Phone: 0484 888 884
Burr/Seed in Coat
No Burr or Seed of weeds declared noxious observed in the coats at assessment
HGP Status
The owner declares that the cattle have not been treated with HGP at any period of their lives
Health Treatments
Vaccinated - 28/05/2020 - 5 in 1 - Second Dose
Russian Eligible, Saudi Eligible
Vendor Bred
Stock History
Weaners are out of Weemabah Cows by Futurity Bulls. Weemabah Trangie was the source of original Cows and Stud Bulls , Now Moombidary source they bulls from Futurity Shorthorns (Jason Catts)
Lifetime Traceable
100 % of cattle in this lot are Lifetime Traceable
Weemabah Cows by Futurity Bulls. Bulls selected for Temperament, growth rate, durability.
Grazing Conditions
Neverfail, Woollybut grasses & summer Herbage also Mulga. Has been plenty of rain in past 2 months and season is looking great.
Returned same
Vendor Comments
Futurity Shorthorn bulls are run exclusively and continuously with the cows with two musters occurring annually. This is the lead of the shorthorn steers from the Autumn muster, that are offered on auctions plus in three separate lots.
Delivery Period
03/06/2024 to 07/06/2024 (5 days)
Delivery Point
Moombidary Station, Hungerford. approx 55km west of Hungerford on Thargomindah Road.
Lat: -28.554260260031075" S Long: 143.970419875" E
Cattle are not in a tick infested area.
NLIS Transfer
Vendor/Agent willing to Scan and Transfer cattle AT BUYER REQUEST at cost of $5.00/head
Agent Contact
Bill Gibbs
Mobile 0484 888 884
Joint Agent Contact
Name: Jack Biddle
Details: 0447 192 887
Trucking Access
Dry weather trucking. All size combinations have good access. Local carriers can be arranged if need be.
Delivery Comments
There is no wet weather access.
Trading Terms
7 Days to Licensed members of RMA/Alpa all else CBD.
Movement Restrict.
None provided. [Please note: It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to satisfy all state compliances in regard to the movement of this lot.]
Sale Types
If you are purchasing livestock from AuctionsPlus, please remember its the buyers responsibility to transfer your purchased animals onto your PIC in the NLIS database.
To do this you can access your account at www.nlis.com.au or if you require assistance, please contact the NLIS Helpdesk on 1800 654 743
No. 754 · Fri, 31 May 2024, 9:00 AM (SYD, NSW) AEST
WA 7:00 AM · NT 8:30 AM · QLD 9:00 AM · SA 8:30 AM
Bill Gibbs Assessor & Delivery Agent

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