233 Future Breeder Ewe Lambs

Lot 939 · KARABEAL, S.W. Victoria
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Form No.
chat Assessor Comments
Dylan Praolini (Level 1 Accredited)
J.D & E.M MOYLE - E Walters rd, KARABEAL, VIC
PIC Number(s)
Average Weight
At Assessment
34.9 kgs
15.0 kgs (Est. Av. Drs. 43%)
4 Hrs off feed
Weight Range
26 kgs to 47 kgs Liveweight
At Est Kill/Del Date
22/11/2023 (7 days)
34.5 kgs based on -3% Del. Adj.
15.3 kgs
Live weight gain 120 grams/day
Weight Range
26 kgs to 46 kgs Liveweight at delivery
Assessment: Individual on 15/11/2023 Sampled: 109 Head (47%)
Weight Class Weight Range Fat Scores
1 2 3 Totals
Dressed Live 0-5 6-10 11-15
12 10.1 - 12.0 23 - 28 1% 0% 0% 1%
14 12.1 - 14.0 28 - 33 6% 15% 0% 21%
16 14.1 - 16.0 33 - 37 2% 46% 1% 49%
18 16.1 - 18.0 37 - 42 0% 17% 2% 19%
20 18.1 - 20.0 42 - 47 0% 5% 4% 9%
22 20.1 - 22.0 47 - 51 0% 0% 1% 1%
Totals 9% 83% 8% 100%
Comment on Fat Score 1 Sheep
Fully fit and healthy to travel. young weaned lambs that are lacking condition.
Sire Dam
100 % Pure Primeline Primeline
20 Jun 2023 to 31 Jul 2023
Lambs weaned 11/11/2023
lambs weaned into fresh pasture paddock after 24hr curfew
Assessor Comments
All of the Moyle family adult ewes were joined to Primeline maternals for the specific purpose of breeding ewe lambs. Due to the high fertility of the Moyle flock no ewe lambs have been retained, and the vendor is proud to offer their entire 2023 drop ewe lambs. This is one of two lines being sold as a run out the gate (total of 466). These ewe lambs were bred out of Pure Primeline ewes purchased from Romani Pastoral Company in the 2017 Lambpro ewe sale. Sires purchased from Lambpro and are selected on fertility, growth, fat & EMD. All ewes on the property have been Gudair vaccinated since it's inception 6 years ago, and the foundation ewes vaccinated at Romani with 13 years of OJD vaccination history. Weaned on the 11th of November these are Ideal young ewes with plenty of genetics behind them, all ewe lambs have been grain imprinted before weaning. A true representation of the Primeline Maternal breed.
Dylan Praolini (Level 1 Accredited)
Introduced Sheep
Rams Only have been introduced onto the consignment property in the last 5 years
All consigned sheep are from a flock that is free of Virulent Footrot
Consigned sheep are from a flock that is NOT free of Benign Footrot or Scald
Further Information: Consistent with many Western District properties. In wet conditions some scald can occur, no scald or limping noticed in sheep at assessment
Feet were not inspected at assessment
All consigned sheep are from a flock that is free of Lice
Scabby Mouth Vaccination
100% of this consignment have not been treated with a Scabby Mouth Vaccination prior to sale
Sheep are within a Withholding Period or Export Slaughter Interval for: Duoshield as of 19/11/2023 for 14 days
Health Treatments
Drenched - 19/11/2023 - Duoshield
Vaccinated - 11/11/2023 - 2 x 6in1
Vaccinated - 15/08/2023 - Gudair
Russian Eligible, Saudi Eligible
Health Declaration
A National Sheep Health Declaration will be provided at Delivery AT BUYER REQUEST
JD Approved Vaccinates
Sheep are JD Approved Vaccinates.
Vendor has been continuously vaccinating all retained lambs in the flock for 6 years
Other Health Information
Flock was founded with ewes that had 13 years of OJD Vaccination history.
Shearing Info
Crutched Type Market
Wool Length
100% 1.5 - 2"
Majority Length
43 Millimetres
Degree Burr
Degree Seed
None Observed
Shedding Breed Contact
No known contact with shedding breeds
Skin Comment
Typical Composite skins
Wool Comment
Vendor Bred
Pure Primeline genetics
Grazing Conditions
Improved Pasture
Other Health Information
Returned same
Vendor Comments
Complete drop of ewe lambs
Joining Details
Not Station Mated
Any Access To Rams or Stags?
To vendor's best knowledge, this lot has had no access to rams or stags.
Delivery Period
22/11/2023 to 28/11/2023 (7 days)
Delivery Point
24Km north of Hamilton
Lat: -37.5872103" S Long: 142.2333099" E
Agent Contact
Dylan Praolini
Mobile 0437 025 737
Trucking Access
B - double access
Delivery Comments
Minimum of 24hrs notice prior to delivery
Trading Terms
Standard ALPA Terms & Conditions CBD unless settling through an approved ALPA agent
Movement Restrict.
None provided. [Please note: It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to satisfy all state compliances in regard to the movement of this lot.]
Sale Types
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No. 606 · Tue, 21 November 2023, 1:00 PM (SYD, NSW) AEDT
WA 10:00 AM · NT 11:30 AM · QLD 12:00 PM · SA 12:30 PM
Dylan Praolini Assessor & Delivery Agent