About Us

The Power of Choice

AuctionsPlus is an independent digital trading platform that offers the greatest access to information and choice to the agricultural community.

Our vision is for a thriving agricultural community, where business prospers.

Our mission is to provide digital solutions for better agricultural trading.

AuctionsPlus offers the ultimate power of choice, through transparency, independence, reliability, connectivity and community.

Why AuctionsPlus?

For over three decades we have been woven into the fabric of business in the bush. We have worked alongside farmers through the tough years, and appreciated the good ones with them.

Building trust over those years has created a platform for businesses to create deals through a digital handshake, leading to AuctionsPlus transaction over $1.2 billion worth of livestock. We also provide for the farm machinery and equine sectors, with a platform to trade in a safe, trusted and secure environment.

What our platform can offer your operation.

Improved animal performance through the safeguarding of animal welfare, aiding long term profitability.

Maximum exposure to potential buyers from all over Australia – literally bringing the national audience to you.

As the undisputed leader in quality, fairness and accuracy of assessment and accurate weight information via an official assessment, AuctionsPlus is THE assessment authority. Our official assessment is precisely where a vendor can tell a story about the livestock, utilising the power of over 150 data points, to a market that is all over Australia. Reserve can be set with the stock on farm, and by doing this it makes sellers the price maker, not the price taker. It's great for the buyer who gets access to a product – the exact product they need, which is coming direct out of a paddock, allowing for the greatest potential for performance. The buyer is able to bid anywhere, anytime, rather than having to drive for hours to see stock or buying through word of mouth.

Stock can remain on farm at home until they’re sold. The animals remain in your care until they’re sold. No freight to the yard. No expensive yard fees. Instead of the animal going to the saleyard, the saleyard comes to the animal.

So it’s better for the animals, better for the seller and better for the buyer. The seller does better because they don’t have transportation costs. The buyer does better because of improved performance due to the quality of life and the limiting of unnecessary transportation, helping the stock thrive and maintain the desired weight. AuctionsPlus removes that particular stress-step in the supply chain.

How we operate.

AuctionsPlus is an online agricultural platform engaged primarily in the exchange of livestock. We have evolved with ecommerce over 30 years to become Australia’s single biggest livestock marketplace selling more sheep and cattle than any other single marketplace in the country. Access to our platform is via trained and accredited livestock agent ‘assessors’ who are graded on the basis of experience, volume of business and a proactive attitude to their work. The title of A1 Professional Assessor is reserved only for those accredited agents whose values align with AuctionsPlus and that display continued commitment to the highest standards of conduct. AuctionsPlus periodically revokes accreditation for agents that fall short of minimum requirements. AuctionsPlus does not provide direct farmer to farmer transactions. Access to the platform and handling of invoicing and payment are via stock agent intermediaries

AuctionsPlus runs regular real-time, online-only sales of commercial, breeding and stud livestock each week and interface sales with both video and audio streaming and selling options including spot, forward, liveweight, grid, carcass weight and dollars per head.

Our team looks to add value to the agricultural business, which comes down to three things. Saving you money, making you money and saving you time.

Our employees consist of a team of smart, curious and caring problem solvers who whole-heartedly believe in improving and adding great value and insight to the Australian agricultural community. These values are the very fabric of every person in our organization. Our employees spend a significant amount of time on the road, catching up with our community of users. Our community of users give up their time to provide feedback on our growing platform which in turn helps us to ensure we’re providing a quality service. We love hearing the community’s thoughts, ideas, innovations, painpoints – these are all integral to driving the next stages of value-add to our communities of users.

We were the first. And still the leaders today.

We were here before the internet in Australia, and always had a vision to shape the agricultural sector.

We were initially established by the Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation in conjunction with the University of New England, CALM (Computer Aided Livestock Marketing) began trading on 1st July 1987.

The first sale that took place needed two kilometres of telecoms and a generator to run the fax machines.

When the company entered the internet era, the platform had to deal with slow speeds from dial-up and data black spots. It created technology that simply did not exist at the time.

During a restructure in 1996, CALM was purchased by Elders, Landmark and Ruralco and was rebranded as CALM Services Pty Ltd.

It finally became AuctionsPlus in 2000.

Today, we are proudly and jointly owned by Elders and Nutrien.

Over the years, AuctionsPlus has evolved from being a traditionally two-sided marketplace towards a situation where 25% of its business is now diversified into wool auctions, saleyard and stud sale interfacing, online clearing sales and online property auctions.

AuctionsPlus is, nowadays, about building an eco-system of online tools for the agricultural sector and maintaining what we see as a ‘currency of trust’.

There will always be a place for the physical sale, and we are focused on collaborating with and being able to bring the national audience to the physical sale.


Why Online? 

National Footprint 

With over 160,000 unique people visiting our site each month, your stock are marketed to a national audience. 


Establish a Market Floor 

The auction system allows you to establish a market floor and uncover the true value of your stock. 

Animal Welfare and Performance 

The stock stay on-farm until they are sold, minimising stress and allowing your stock to be delivered in the best possible condition. 

Less volatility. More Control 

With the ability to set your own starts and reserves and a free re-offer - you remain in complete control, with your stock remaining on farm until they are sold. 

Reduced Costs 

Avoid the cost of freight and XXX kgs - a flat listing fee gets your stock online.