Assessor Accreditation

Gaining Assessor Accreditation

In order for stock to be listed on AuctionsPlus, they must be assessed by an accredited Assessor. Assessor Accreditation is attained by attending an AuctionsPlus Assessor School (either physical or digital) and completing parallel assessments with an accredited, training endorsed Assessor.

Training Course

 Assessor Schools give an overview of the AuctionsPlus selling platform, and enhances skills in objective livestock assessment, selling and marketing of stock, photo and video promotion, handling misdescription claims as well as discussing new market opportunities. Attending a course is a mandatory aspect of the accreditation process. 

Training course materials are designed by, and courses conducted by, AuctionsPlus staff members who have received formal education in the area of Training and Assessment in adult learning. We also engage the services of Level 1 Professional assessors to assist with the presentation of materials – utilising the skills and experience of industry experts to ensure a high-quality training experience.

Your attendance to a Training Course is valid for 3 years from the date of attending a physical or online school. 

Parallel Assessments

Effective as of January 1, 2021 you need to complete a minimum of EIGHT (8) field assessments on a variety of stock categories of stock to be offered on AuctionsPlus. These assessments are to be done in parallel with a suitably experienced Accredited Assessor (at least Level 2 accredited), and your FINAL assessment is to be completed with a Level 1 Endorsed Assessor, who will sign off your application.  

Please use our Search for an Assessor function to find a Level 1 Assessor in your region. 

These assessments will be entered under the accredited Assessor's name with the parallel Assessor's name to be included on the assessment where indicated. 

Parallel assessments are valid on your accreditation application dating back for 3 years only. 


When you have completed the minimum number of parallel assessments and the accredited assessor who trained you believes you are capable of assessing stock on your own, both you and the trainer must submit a form to AuctionsPlus:

Download Assessor Accreditation Recommendation form (to be completed by the trainer)

Download Assessor Accreditation Request form (to be completed by the trainee)

Please return the forms to AuctionsPlus via email, or fax to 02 9262 3244

AuctionsPlus will review the details of parallel assessments as listed, so it is critical to ensure that your name is included as a Parallel Assessor. If it is deemed that you have not completed parallels across a broad enough range of stock, you may be asked to complete further training.

Online Exam

New assessors requesting accreditation will also be required to complete a short online exam. The exam is designed to be a learning tool, most answers can be found within the Operating Conditions and Assessor Manuals. Answers will be reviewed by AuctionsPlus to identify any areas where additional coaching may be required.

Once we determine that you have completed a satisfactory level of training, you will be granted a level A3 Assessor Accreditation.

Click here to search for an accredited assessor in your area. If you are unable to find an assessor, please contact AuctionsPlus.

AuctionsPlus Assessor Training Courses

Physical Training Courses

In light of the uncertaity and restrictions surrounding COVID-19, AuctionsPlus is implementing the following safety precaution to minimise the potential impacts on the wider community. 

All physical AuctionsPlus Training Courses have been suspended until further notice. We apologise both for the disruption and inconvenience this may cause you and your business. 

Online Training Courses

All courses are now online. Please click here to view the requirements.

To register interest in attending a course, please click here for the application form. Please note, there is currently a high demand for courses and positions are extremely limited. Upon completing the form above, AuctionsPlus will be in touch with furhter information.


The cost to attend an AuctionsPlus Assessor Training Course is $1,500 (exc. GST) to complete a physical (two day school) or online training. 

Cancellation Policy

Please note: Cancellation or deferral of attendance to a Training Course may result in a fee, please see table below. For example, deferring attendance 10 days out from the designated date of the school will incur a $250 administration fee (ex GST).

> 14 days

7-14 days

< 7 Days


100% credit

$250 fee

$500 fee


100% refund

50% refund

$0 refund

All participants should have been vaccinated for Q-Fever. If your course includes a visit to an abattoir, you may be required to show evidence of Q-Fever vaccinations. Click here for further information about Q-Fever and the inoculation

If you would like further information please contact Hannah Kermode on 0458 336 494 or Alexa Hearn on 0411 074 931.

Maintaining/Increasing Assessor Status

Accreditation, maintaining, increasing and demoting status is at the discretion of AuctionsPlus.

Assessor accreditation levels are reviewed in January and June annually.

At least one (1) assessment must be completed annually in order to keep your accrediation current. Failing to complete an assessment within a 12 month period will result in deactivation and you must apply to regain accreditation. 

Accredited Assessors cannot complete parallel assessments to maintain their accreditation. Only assessments lodged and offered on the AuctionsPlus system in the Assessor’s own name will count towards maintaining their accreditation.

Sharing of your Assessor code, or use of another Assessors user code to falsely complete assessments will result in an immediate 6 month suspension.

Increasing Assessor Status

 Assessor levels focus on each Assessors level of experience and assessment quality. Key measures include;

  • 3 year rolling average for throughput
  • 3 year rolling average for number of assessments
  • 12 month buyer ratings
  • Assessment audit score which includes level of detail in  assessor comments, accuracy, quality of media and % sampled
  • Alignment with AuctionsPlus values
  • Engagement with the AuctionsPlus team (training, arbitration, workshops, development of new modules)
  • Leadership and the contribution to the evolution of the online marketplace
  • Disputes & the handling of issues

Assessor Levels aim to incorporate qualitative measures as much as possible; levels are no longer dictated solely by throughput. Reviews and recommendations conducted by Endorsed Assessors are also considered.

An audit score is produced by reviewing a number of assessments completed in the last 12 months and looks largely at qualitative measures including level of detail in comments, accuracy, quality of media and % sampled. As such, our new requirements for levels are:

  • Level 3
    • All new Assessors are assigned this level
    • Minimum two years and 20 assessments following accreditation
    • Assessors demoted for poor performance
    • Case-by-case determination of requirements to move back to Level 2
    • Cannot conduct Parallel Assessments
  • Level 2
    • Must be recommended by a Level 1 assessor to move from Level 3
    • Buyer feedback considered to move from Level 3
    • Require 1 assessment per year to maintain Level 2
    • Minimum requirement for Audit scores
    • Can conduct parallel assessments, but cannot sign off new assessors
  • Level 1 Accredited
    • Minimum four years following accreditation and at least 60 assessments completed before Level 1 can be attained
    • Demonstrate high level of assessment quality (measured by Audit scores and Buyer feedback)
    • Minimum 5 assessments per year to maintain Level 1 – a minimum number is necessary to audit assessment quality
    • Minimum audit scores required to maintain Level 1
    • Required to sign off/endorse assessors to move up Levels
  • Level 1 Professional
    • Super Assessors and Trainers

There will be regular spot checks and audits on Assessors at random to ensure you are adhering to the AuctionsPlus Terms of Operation.

If you have completed the required number of assessments in the previous twelve month period you may be elevated a level, or maintain your level.  

If you have not completed the required number of assessments you may be downgraded.

The management of AuctionsPlus reserves the right to upgrade or downgrade assessors with consideration also given to buyer feedback, any claims of misdescription, and AuctionsPlus evaluation of an Assessor's performance.

Deactivated Accreditation Status

If an assessor does not complete a single assessment within a 12 month period they will be deactivated and will need to reapply for accreditation.

Our requirements are as follows, (applicable per species):

  • <1 year since active accreditation
    • Complete online refresher exam
  • 1-2 years since active accreditation
    • Complete online accreditation exam
  • 3-4 years since active accreditation
  • 4+ years since active accreditation           
    • Complete all steps of AuctionsPlus’s Assessor Accreditation process:
      • Attend a Training Course
      • Complete Parallel Assessments
      • Submit application, signed off by a Level 1 Training Endorsed Assessor
      • Complete an Online Exam
Please contact Hannah Kermode on 0458 336 494 ( for further information regarding reactivating your Accreditation.

Delivery Agent Accreditation 

For information on gaining AuctionsPlus Delivery Agent accreditation, please click here