AuctionsPlus Definitions & Descriptors

Stock Categories (Cattle)


Stock Categories (Sheep)


Joining Status (Cattle And Sheep)

Not Station Mated: to the best of the vendor and assessor's knowledge, the livestock have not knowingly been exposed to a bull or a ram. It does not guarantee that stock are empty.

Station Mated: stock have been running with a bull/s or ram/s. There is no guarantee that they will be in calf/lamb.

Pregnancy Tested in Calf/Scanned in Lamb: stock were pregnancy tested/scanned prior to sale and found to be in calf/in lamb on that date. It does not guarantee a live calf or lamb.

Pregnancy Tested Not Detectable: stock were pregnancy tested/scanned prior to sale and no pregnancy was detected. It does not guarantee stock are empty, as pregnancy may not be detected in early gestation.

Dentition (Cattle And Sheep)

Worn: spreading of teeth, or teeth wearing down to gums. All 8 teeth still intact.

Broken: one or more tooth missing.

Temperament (Cattle)

Docile: Settled and somewhat dull disposition. Gentle and easily handled, moves slowly when in a mob, needs encouragement to move away from handler. Cattle easily handled individually in yards and paddock, without eagerness to return to mob. Does not pull on headgate when in crush and exits calmly.

Quiet: Displaying a quiet & calm disposition. Cattle easily handled individually and in mob. Handler in control at all times. May exhibit some stubbornness. Exits crush promptly, may try to back out of crush, pull on head gate and some flicking of tail.

Slightly Stirry: Manageable but impatient and moves quickly. Handling individually increases nervous behaviour and exhibits clear signs of eagerness to return to mob. Handler in control when handled in a mob. Reluctant to stand quietly in crush, tail flicking, repeated pushing and pulling on headgate. Exits crush briskly.

Stirry: Out of control and jumpy. Struggles and clearly uncomfortable when handled in a mob. Runs fenceline and may jump when penned individually. Continuous tail flicking and bellowing in crush. Large flight distance, exits crush wildly. Considered scared of human interaction rather than aggressive. Not recommended for inexperienced handlers.

Aggressive: Aggressive behaviour, fearful, extreme agitation. Continuous movement when handled in a mob, disrupts handling of other cattle in mob. May exhibit attack behaviour when handled alone. May jump or continuously bellow while in crush. Exits crush frantically.

Breeding Quality (Cattle And Sheep)

Breeding Quality relates to the quality of the breeding programme and suitability for their end use.

Excellent: Top sires used and top standards of selection and management, i.e. the small percentage of really first-class stock. A line with a large culling taken out.

Very Good: Good quality sires used with heavy culling and selection programme - stock with a reputation for growing out/fattening/producing well. A line with a reasonable culling taken out.

Good: Quality sires used, reasonable selection practices i.e. average stock. A line that has had some culls removed.

Fair: Average quality sires used, but otherwise little selection practiced. A line that needs a heavy cull taken out.

Plain: Very poor breeding quality, e.g. inbreeding, structural or conformation faults expected to limit future growth and/or fattening/production ability. Could apply to culls or at best seconds or thirds from a line of stock.

Frame (Cattle)

Frame specifies the likely mature size, fattening pattern, etc. Frame is relative to the BREED and AGE of the cattle. Frame is described as Very Large, Large, Medium or Small.

Very Large Frame: Very tall and long bodied. Tendency to very late maturity and difficult to “finish” on some feed types.

Small Frame: Short legs and body, early maturing and tendency to over fatness unless killed at light weights.

Frame (Sheep)

Frame: is represented as a height (in centimetres) at the withers.

height-at-withers sheep-measurement-point

Store Condition (Cattle)

Forward to Prime: Fully cleaned up in coat. Large percentage of line killable. High development of muscle.

Forward Store: Rising in condition/nutrition. Very light fat cover. Showing muscle potential. Cleaned up in coat.

Store: Nil to very light fat cover. Bone structure just visible. Beginning to clean up in coat. Some filling out of muscle.

Backward Store: Low but strong condition. Nil fat. Bone structure clearly visible. Dry coat. Sufficient strength to travel reasonable distances.

Poor: Very low condition. Nil fat. Bone structure clearly visible. Dry coat. Sufficient strength to travel reasonable distances.

Muscle Score (Cattle)


Wrinkle Score (Sheep)



Degree Of Burr Or Seed (Sheep)