How do I navigate the AuctionsPlus Website?

To watch an AuctionsPlus Navigational Video, please click here.

From Assessors/Agents

What is the cut off for my assessment?

The cut off is the time that AuctionsPlus begin to catalogue the sale. The time will change based on the selected sale. Once cataloguing has begun, you will no longer be able to edit an assessment. Please see the cut-off times below. If an assessment is to be reoffered into a sale, it must be reoffered before the cut-off time. If you are having any issues with your assessment, please contact the Market Operations team on (02) 9262 4222.

Sale Name Time of Sale (AEST) Assessment Cut-Off (AEST)
WA CATTLE Monday 3:30pm Friday 3pm
NATIONAL LAMB SALE Tuesday 1pm Monday 12pm
TUESDAY NATIONAL SHEEP Tuesday 2pm Monday 12pm
SEEDSTOCK SHEEP Tuesday 2pm Monday 12pm
WEDNESDAY NATIONAL CATTLE Wednesday 10am Tuesday 9am
TAS SHEEP Thursday 9am Wednesday 8:30am
THURSDAY NATIONAL SHEEP  Thursday 1pm Wednesday 12pm
TAS CATTLE Friday 9am Wednesday 12pm
WEANER & YEARLING Friday 10am Thursday 9am
EASTERN STATES Friday 11am Thursday 9am
SEEDSTOCK CATTLE Friday 11am Thursday 9am

For special sales, such as machinery or stud sales the earlier that information is provided to AuctionsPlus, the greater the exposure that catalogue will receive.

What does it cost?

From AuctionsPlus the charges associated are on a per head basis (exc. GST). Please visit our listing fees page for all the details here.

This does not include any fees related to your livestock agent completing an AuctionsPlus assessment.

How do I become an AuctionsPlus Assessor?

To gain AuctionsPlus accreditation, assessors in training must attend an Assessor School, complete a minimum of 4 parallel assessments (one of these with an endorsed training assessor), complete and return the relevant paperwork and then undertake a short online exam. More information can be found here.

Can I import weights directly from my indicator?

Yes - Assessment Entry is designed with an "Import Weights" section, allowing you to transfer weights and fat scores directly from a session on your indicator. Please click here for detailed instructions on uploading weights into Assessment Entry. 

Once completed, you can also export the weights for your own records or to send to clients. 

What is the best way to take photos and videos of livestock?

AuctionsPlus recommend when possible using a high-quality camera to take photos and videos - as they are both a critical aspect of your assessment. For a full list of photo & video tips, please click here. 

How do I upload a video to AuctionsPlus?

To make a video available on an assessment, it must be published as a public video onto Youtube. The link is then inserted into the media & marketing section of Assessment Entry.

For detailed instructions on uploading a video to youtube click here.

The photos on my assessment are the wrong way around can you turn them around?

In assessment entry, assessors have the ability to edit the media section of the assessment even after cataloguing. By clicking on a selected photo you wish to edit, there is then an option to rotate or crop the photo, hitting save will confirm these changes. The Market Operations team is also able to help you out if you have any issues.

What is a Published assessment and the Brochure view, and how do I use it?

Once an assessment is completed, from ‘Review Assessment’ in Assessment Entry, assessors have the option to publish the assessment and make the full details available prior to AuctionsPlus cataloguing the sale. Linked to this feature, a Brochure view is available to assessors once an assessment is published which collates together photos, assessor comments and a brief outline of the lot. The brochure view is also available to all assessors once the auction has been catalogued.

How do I set my starts and reserves?

Prior to the cataloguing of a sale, the starts and reserves can be entered through assessment entry on the ‘Review Assessment’ tab. Once a sale has been catalogued, assessors are able to enter their starts and reserves within their ‘Dashboard’. This is available until 30 minutes before the auction is set to commence. The Market Operations team can also enter prices if you aren’t able to.

My lots aren’t coming up with near reserve at the same time? Are the reserves the same?

A lot will start flashing between 2 and 6 bid increments away from the reserve, this is randomised for all lots in the sale. To guarantee a lot will be flashing ‘Near Reserve’ at the start of the auction, start it no more than 2 bids away from the reserve price.

Who was the underbidder on my lot?

AuctionsPlus provide details for the highest bidder only, whether the lot is sold or passed in. If negotiations with the highest bidder on a passed in lot are unsuccessful, you may contact AuctionsPlus in regard to our team contacting other active bidders.

How do I reoffer a lot?

Stock that have no bids or pass in at auction, may be reoffered into a subsequent auction. Your listing fee includes ONE free reoffer under the following guidelines:

Cattle may be reoffered in one of the next 3 weekly auctions.

Lambs must be reoffered within 7 days of the original auction.

Sheep must be reoffered within 14 days of the original auction.

Lots will not be automatically reoffered. As an assessor, you can reoffer a lot both from the Results catalogue and from your Dashboard. From the results catalogue, clicking "Reoffer" on your lot will take you to your dashboard, where you can nominate the next auction you wish to list your lot in. You will need to nominate new delivery dates and have the option to change your start and reserve prices. Once an assessment has been reoffered, you can edit the assessment up until the cutoff time of the auction it is allocated to. 

From Buyers

How do I register to bid?

Registering to bid on AuctionsPlus is a 2-step process. Firstly, Sign Up to AuctionsPlus, filling in details including name, email, contact number and create a password. Signing up enables you to view auctions and also access results.

After signing up, you will be required to confirm your email address, and from here you will have the option to immediately 'Request Approval to Buy'. From here, we require some more information such as a PIC number for livestock buyers, address etc. Once this information has been filled out, you will be required to complete a buyer induction process, including a few videos and taking a short quiz. You must pass the quiz in order to be approved as a buyer.

From this point, AuctionsPlus will confirm your details and then approve your registration.

If you have previously signed up and later wish to register as a Buyer, you will need to log in and access your Dashboard, and then click on ‘Request Approval to Buy’. You will then need to complete the buyer induction process to upgrade your account.

How do I bid on AuctionsPlus?

You must be registered as a buyer on our system in order to place a bid. If you have not already registered (see above for further details) you will need to complete the buyer induction before you can be approved as a buyer.

To place a bid in a simultaneous sale, connect to the auction and then click on the tile of the lot you are interested in bidding on. Further details of the lot will appear on the right-hand side of the screen, including a link for the assessment and photos. The current price will also be shown, and the bidding screen will show the next bid price. To place a bid, you must unlock the screen and then click the blue button which will say ‘Bid $____’. The lot will turn green once you place a bid, to indicate you are holding the lot. If you are outbid, the lot will turn red.

To place a bid in a sequential sale, connect to the auction. The lots will be shown one after the other, once the sale has been set to running, you have the ability to scroll down the screen and place a bid on any lot. You can also bid on each lot individually, whilst it is being sold. The lot will be green if you are holding the lot, and red if you have been outbid.

To access our demonstration auctions, where you can practice placing a bid or observe the bidding platform format, please click here.

To watch a video demonstration of how to bid, please click here.

I accidentally placed a bid; can I reverse this?

If you accidentally place a bid, it is essential that you ring the AuctionsPlus team immediately. Once registered as a buyer on the AuctionsPlus system, you are liable for any bids placed on your account. Prior to placing a bid, you must also unlock the screen in order to bid, to avoid mistaken bids occurring.

If you remain the successful highest bidder and are still holding the lot at the time of the Auction finishing, and cannot take the stock, AuctionsPlus can contact the underbidder on your behalf and enquire if they wish to purchase the stock at their bid price. In this scenario, the mistaken bidder is liable for the difference in your bid price and the negotiated sale price, plus any other sale costs incurred by the vendor. There is no guarantee that negotiations will be successful, and if not, you are liable for the purchase. It is important to contact AuctionsPlus as soon as possible whenever a mistaken or accidental bid occurs.

Why do I have to login to view results?

Recently AuctionsPlus had some data taken and published incorrectly, as a result, we implemented a login process to monitor who is accessing our results and protect our clients and their information.

I can’t remember my login details for AuctionsPlus?

On the Login page, you have the option to recover your Password if you have forgotten it. If you have forgotten your usercode or password, simply call or email the Market Operations team on 02 9262 4222 or info@auctionsplus.com.au, and we’ll be able to look up your account information. We can also edit any details such as a change of email address that you may need to update.

I’m trying to sign up to AuctionsPlus, but it says my email is already registered on the system?

Our system only allows an email address to be registered on the system once. You may already have an AuctionsPlus account, which our team can look up for you. You may have also signed up and not confirmed your email address, which will leave your email registered in the system. The other possibility is you are subscribed to our AuctionsPlus newsletters, without an account on the website. If unsure, the Market Operations team can search for your email address and help with your account.

What is the reserve on a lot?

AuctionsPlus do not disclose the reserve price on any lot. You can contact the selling agent, who may or may not disclose the price. We can tell you the starting price, however this is subject to change prior to the auction commencing.

What happens if I purchase a lot?

As a successful purchaser, it is your responsibility to arrange transport from the nominated Delivery Point (usually the vendor’s property) to their destination. If you would like for the lot to be covered by Transit Insurance, you must arrange this – the stock become your responsibility once loaded onto trucks. Stock must be picked up within the delivery dates specified on the assessment. 

How do I pay for livestock I purchase?

Payment is made to the listed selling agent. You must abide by the trading terms set by the selling agent, as specified in the assessment. While AuctionsPlus does not mandate you use an agent to settle your purchase, some agents will specify that buyers must settle through an agent, and in some circumstances require full cash payment prior to loading stock for delivery. It is important if settling through an agent, that you notify the selling agent of your intentions.

What happens if a lot is passed in to me?

As the highest bidder on a passed in lot, the reserve will be disclosed to you in your Dashboard. For 90 minutes after the auction finishes, you can elect to meet the reserve; alternatively you have the first right of negotiation. After 90 minutes, these rights expire and the agent is free to negotiate with other buyers. Meeting Reserve is the best way to guarantee your purchase. If you wish to negotiate, you must contact the selling agent within 90 minutes to notify your intentions. The selling agent is not obligated to negotiate a price less than their reserve.

What happens if the stock I purchased turn up and they’re not as described?

In the event that the stock are not consistent with the assessment, you must notify AuctionsPlus and/or the selling agent in writing within 48 hours of the stock arriving at your property to ensure you are protected by the AuctionsPlus User Agreement & Sale Terms. Discussing with the selling agent often leads to a swift and amicable resolution, however the notification in writing is important in case negotiations fail for any reason. In this case, AuctionsPlus will assist with negotiations and if necessary, an arbitration panel will determine a resolution.

What is the Buy Now Feature?

Buy Now is a new tool available for sellers, allowing them to list their lot as available for purchase immediately at a nominated price – without going to auction. Buy Now provides sellers the opportunity to offload stock sooner, particularly in tough seasons. It also allows greater sale options from one listing fee – the lot will go to auction if it is not purchased through Buy Now. Buy Now also allows buyers to secure certain lots and put multiple lots together to maximise freight efficiency and also pickup stock sooner.

What if I am an International buyer?

If you are a potential bidder located outside of Australia, AuctionsPlus requires authorization from the Selling Agent of the sale in which you wish to participate. Please contact AuctionsPlus and we will liaise communication between yourself and the Selling Agent. Once confirmation from the Selling Agent is received, AuctionsPlus will register you with a Temporary Account and the ability to bid will be for the nominated sale only. This process will be repeated with the relevant Selling Agent should you wish to bid on any future sales.

From Vendors

How do I go about selling livestock on AuctionsPlus?

To sell commercial stock on AuctionsPlus, your sheep or cattle will need to be assessed by an AuctionsPlus Accredited Assessor. To find an assessor near your location, please use the search function here, or the market operations team can assist you in searching for an assessor. The assessor will assess the livestock on your property, take photographs and videos, and upload the details to AuctionsPlus.

All stock sold must be listed through a licenced Agent. Search for a livestock agent here. The agent will handle pre-auction inquiries, discuss your reserve prices, manage the delivery and facilitate payment for the stock. Often the assessor also acts as the selling agent.

Please click here to view a detailed list of vendor responsibilities when selling livestock. 

Can I bid on my own stock?

No – you cannot bid on your own stock. This is monitored by AuctionsPlus and will result in suspension from participating in the system if a vendor places a bid on their own livestock.

I would like to book in a special sale?

As well as weekly commercial sales, AuctionsPlus regularly provide online bidding options in conjunction with on-property or physical sales. This includes stud stock, commercial stock, and machinery – though online bidding can be provided for any commodity. We can provide both audio and video streaming of the sale upon request. You can also book an exclusive online-only auction, such as a single vendor, feature bloodline or breed auction.

If you are interested in AuctionsPlus being involved in a special sale, contact the Market Operations team for more information and a quote on 02 9262 4222 or info@auctionsplus.com.au.