Operating Conditions

By using this website, you are agreeing to bound by the Operating Conditions.

Our Operating Conditions have been updated as of the 6th of February 2017 to better protect all users.

These conditions will take affect for all sales commencing from the 7th of Feb 2017.

A summary of the main changes are listed below – 

  • All purchases on AuctionsPlus must be under individual buyer logins and not branch logins.
  • The time to notify a misdescription claim is now 48 hours from arrival at the purchaser's receival of stock via the most reasonable and direct route, irrespective of the day of the week, except in the case of unborn offspring (at the time of assessment), breed misdescription. 
    • A dispute about the breed of offspring (unborn at assessment), must be raised, in writing, with the selling agent and AuctionsPlus within a reasonable timeframe of stock being born. The dispute will then be referred to the arbitration panel where costs and process as per standard arbitration process will occur.
    • The vendor will be liable for any determined price differential.
    • The tolerance on offspring breed misdescription is 10%.
  • Sole agency is now in place from the date of assessment until three business days post the completion of the nominated sale.
  • Clauses that previously applied to c/kg Carcase Weight sales are now applicable to all sales of stock for immediate slaughter.
    • Time and place of slaughter must be notified within 24 hours following sale. 
    • If purchasing on behalf of a processor, the selling agent/vendor must be notified within 24 hours of sale.
    • AuctionsPlus, the Agent or Vendor may attend and observe slaughter. 
    • Evidence is required for claims of misdescription on carcass attributes.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance is required for all Agents and Assessors.
  • All stock must be appropriately tagged as per State or National legislative requirements – it is still the responsibility of the buyer to complete the NLIS transfer.
    • All buyers are responsible for completing the NLIS transfer as per legislative requirements.
  • Arbitration has been set at two levels
  1. $500 ex GST
  2. $1000 ex GST

AuctionsPlus can take an unresolved issue to arbitration after 14 days (previously 28 days).

Please review the full operating terms and conditions HERE this is only a high level summary of changes and does not encompass full terms and conditions.

Forward Contract Sales

By offering livestock on a Forward Contract basis, you are agreeing to be bound by the Forward Contract Terms and Conditons - Cattle or the Forward Contract Terms and Conditions - Sheep and Lambs

Assessors who wish to offer stock on a Forward Contract Basis must be Endorsed by AuctionsPlus. Click here to Apply for Forward Contract Sale Endorsement

Acceptance for Arbitration

If you or your company are intending to utilise the AuctionsPlus arbitration panel, you will need to download and return this Acceptance for Arbitration form to AuctionsPlus.