User Agreement & Sale Terms

By using this website, you are agreeing to bound by the User Agreement & Sale Terms.

Our User Agreement & Sale Terms have been updated as of the 28th August 2018 to better protect all users.

These conditions will take affect for all sales commencing from the 28th August 2018

A summary of the main changes are listed below – 

  •  In the event that Carcase Weight tolerance is exceeded, Price Adjustment may be sought by negotitaion or arbitration. 

  • Tolerance on Carcase Weight for all Stock Categories of Sheep and Lambs is +/- 5%

Please review the full operating terms and conditions HERE this is only a high level summary of changes and does not encompass full terms and conditions.

Forward Contract Sales

By offering livestock on a Forward Contract basis, you are agreeing to be bound by the Forward Contract Terms and Conditons - Cattle or the Forward Contract Terms and Conditions - Sheep and Lambs

Assessors who wish to offer stock on a Forward Contract Basis must be Endorsed by AuctionsPlus. Click here to Apply for Forward Contract Sale Endorsement

Acceptance for Arbitration

If a valid claim cannot be resolved via negotiation, the matter may be referred to arbitration. By entering into the arbitration process, both parties agree to a legally binding and final resolution.

The arbitration process involves:

  1. Each party makes payment of arbitration fee ($1000 ex GST)
  2. Each party submits signed paperwork & documentation
  3. Payment is made to AuctionsPlus of the full amount, as per the invoice for the stock at the sale price
  4. AuctionsPlus removes identifying features on all paperwork and supporting documentation
  5. AuctionsPlus engages (anonymous) appropriate industry experts to deliberate on thepanel
  6. An outcome is reached (agreed to by all members of the panel), including any compensation or re-distribution of funds
  7. Both parties receive written notification of outcome
  8. Funds distributed as per findings

If you or your company are intending to utilise the AuctionsPlus arbitration panel, after advisement from the AuctionsPlus Integrity Unit, you will need to download and return this Acceptance for Arbitration form to AuctionsPlus.

Privacy Policy 

To understand how AuctionsPlus manages the security and privacy of your personal details, please review our Privacy Policy