User Agreement & Sale Terms

By using this website, you are agreeing to bound by the User Agreement & Sale Terms.

Our User Agreement & Sale Terms have been updated as of the 6th of February 2018 to better protect all users.

These conditions will take affect for all sales commencing from the 7th of Feb 2018. 

A summary of the main changes are listed below – 


    • Vendor’s bidding on their own lots is not permissible and is considered a serious breach of the Sale Terms and will result in the suspension of the vendor account (page 22)
    • Processors have new requirements to notify in writing of losses/deaths during transit prior to slaughter (Page 29)
    • Inclusion of the stock category yearlings – yearlings, vealers and weaners must be assessed no more than 14 days before the date of the auction (page 18)
    • Clarification of title and risk - the Lot will be at the Purchaser's risk at the place and time of loading the Lot onto the Purchaser’s truck. If stock die during mustering or prior to loading commencing, the buyer does not have to pay for these animals.
    • Dentition - Same rules apply for dentition with the addition of - If Dentition is not defined by the stock category and not described in an assessment, and is found to not correlate with the defined age of cattle/sheep, a claim of misdescription (subject to clause 5, 5.1 – Disputes) may be settled via negotiation or submitted to arbitration. (Page 34)
    • Fat score - Acceptable degree of error by Assessor - An acceptable assessment requires at least 70% of the number of animals to be in the fat score designated in the Catalogue and the balance in the adjacent score; additionally the number of animals in any single adjacent score must not exceed 15% of the number in the lot, even where the required 70% are as described. A claim of misdescription may be made where:
    • The number of head outside the designated Fat Scores, while in an adjacent Fat Score, exceeds 30% of the number in the lot;
    • The number of head in any adjacent Fat Score exceeds 15% of the number in the lot;
    • Any animal is in a Fat Score that is not adjacent to the designated Fat Scores.
      Price Adjustment may be sought by negotiation or arbitration on the number of animals that exceed the defined tolerances.

Please review the full operating terms and conditions HERE this is only a high level summary of changes and does not encompass full terms and conditions.

Other areas of focus for AuctionsPlus are -

  • Bloodlines – do not misstate bloodlines – a hard line will be taken with vendors that claim bloodlines fraudulently – if stock are ‘by’ a certain bloodline you need to include -
    • Registered bulls sire IDs
    • Dates when the last registered bull was purchased
    • Include pedigrees
    • Do not claim a bloodline or that stock are by certain bulls if they are not. It can result in Misdescription claims and the Stud may seek damages for false claims.
  • Scanning or Pregnancy Testing
    • If stock have been recently scanned or pregnancy tested this MUST be stated on the assessment
    • Failure to state that stock have been scanned or preg tested empty and then calling them ‘station mated’ or ‘depastured’ is considered fraudulent and will be dealt with accordingly
  • Vendor Bred Stock - as a buyer of vendor bred stock, be aware that as it will be their first time being trucked, a new environment and different people they are likely to fizz up. Please unload them into the yards, don't jump them off into the paddock and give them the opportunity to settle overnight before you handle them, even a bit longer if they have travelled a big distance. If in doubt, get your local agent out to give you a hand. Assessors, please take this into account when assessing.

Forward Contract Sales

By offering livestock on a Forward Contract basis, you are agreeing to be bound by the Forward Contract Terms and Conditons - Cattle or the Forward Contract Terms and Conditions - Sheep and Lambs

Assessors who wish to offer stock on a Forward Contract Basis must be Endorsed by AuctionsPlus. Click here to Apply for Forward Contract Sale Endorsement

Acceptance for Arbitration

If you or your company are intending to utilise the AuctionsPlus arbitration panel, you will need to download and return this Acceptance for Arbitration form to AuctionsPlus.